While we take the month of March off to circle the wagons and prepare the next episodes of Anime Abandon, we’re happy to give our small and humble stage to Lachlan Huddy.

Lach has been a friend of ours and the show for a long time now. You may remember some of his appearances. He played a condemned sinner in the hands of a Bro-douche God in our Lady Death review, Jeremy Locke in our Twilight of the Cockroaches review, and just as his mischievous handsome self at the end of the Virgin Fleet review.

Lach once upon a time was hammering out episodes of BadCall TV, a sketch show dedicated to reenacting bad business, social and political calls throughout history but has now graduated to full on filmmaker with the release his short-film, Guy’s Trade.

Bennett and I are happy to support Lach & company by presenting this labor of the purest, hottest, blood-sweat-and-teariest Australian love to you here on the homefront.

Without further ado and with our deepest thanks, do we present to you, Guy’s Trade.

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  • Nasuth

    I hate to be “That Guy”, but shouldn’t it be “Without further ado?” That said, this is awesome and I hope he’s really going places. Kudos for spotlighting him.

    • 1. Don’t be ashamed of being “That Guy”. I’m also that guy. (And you’re right, which helps.) 🙂
      2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – a kind word’s a candle in the dark when you do these labours of love. You’re a hell of gent, my friend.

      • Nasuth

        Hooray! Being a giant nerd worked out! XD

    • Neerclass

      Yes, I agree with Lach. BE that guy. It’s how we learn. I’ve made the appropriate change and thank you for your diligence.

  • Fiery Little One

    All I really have to say about this is ‘wow.’

    • I’m an eternal optimist so I’m just gonna go ahead and assume this was a good “wow:. 🙂 Be kind and don’t burst my bubble, eh? Much love, you Fiery Little One.

      • Fiery Little One

        No bubble to burst, good sir. You did more, in my mind, in ~9 minutes than most major movies do in 2 hours.

        • Too kind, but I gladly accept your kindness. Man, I really like Sage fans. Best fans on the ‘Net. 🙂

  • MrInsecure

    Impressive work. A lot of good world-building and character development in a fairly short time period- exactly what a good film of this sort needs.

    • Yes! Thanks heaps, man – it is ALL about the character and the world-building. We wanted to make it feel real and lived in, like there was obviously a lot going on in and around the main story. So thank you for that feedback, it’s a great boost.

  • Issun86

    This looks really interesting. I really want to know more about these characters and what they are fighting. Is this going to be a show online or a movie or what? Either way I am eager for what comes next.

    • Hey, thanks so much, Issun! 🙂 We plan to make a feature version of “Guy’s Trade”, revolving around Guy (obviously) and a team of VCOs he leads. It’ll be the same pseudo-documentary style, heavier on the action/horror as we follow the team on various operations (lots of opportunities for cool GoPro shots :D) while also dealing with the wider social, legal and political implications of vampires actually existing (the central antagonist will be a crusading politician hellbent on outlawing vampires completely, even for research purposes).

      Guy and I will spend this year up to September writing the script, then in September we’re heading over to LA for a festival at which we’ve secured a screening (the Action on Film Festival), and we’ll be looking for some US distribution while we’re there. Meantime, we’re just trying to get “Guy’s Trade” the short film in front of as many people as possible, so lots of festival fees and this online launch.

      Again, thanks heaps for your kind words. Much love, brother-in-arms.