While we take the month of March off to circle the wagons and prepare the next episodes of Anime Abandon, we’re happy to give our small and humble stage to Lachlan Huddy.

Lach has been a friend of ours and the show for a long time now. You may remember some of his appearances. He played a condemned sinner in the hands of a Bro-douche God in our Lady Death review, Jeremy Locke in our Twilight of the Cockroaches review, and just as his mischievous handsome self at the end of the Virgin Fleet review.

Lach once upon a time was hammering out episodes of BadCall TV, a sketch show dedicated to reenacting bad business, social and political calls throughout history but has now graduated to full on filmmaker with the release his short-film, Guy’s Trade.

Bennett and I are happy to support Lach & company by presenting this labor of the purest, hottest, blood-sweat-and-teariest Australian love to you here on the homefront.

Without further ado and with our deepest thanks, do we present to you, Guy’s Trade.

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