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    It turns out Hollywood was butchering anime LONG before Dragon Ball: Evolution, but never with this much hilarity.

    (Sorry for the audio at the beginning, there was some recording issues at the time.)

    • Fez Of AlCon

      Oh this film XD great review guys. Have you considered looking at the other Live Action Guyver movie?

    • The Horror Guru

      Fuckin’ hell. I wish I was half as funny as Bennett. Well done, you two. =)

    • kanei

      What the hell is with your audio in this vid? Why couldnt you say your lines on the video recording?

    • Kenta

      And then there was a direct-to-video sequel staring Solid Snake (David Hayter)…

      • Kyle “Felis” Hems

        Which was surprisingly entertaining… It was terrifibad.
        It would have been a cheap, but respectable, adaptation if it didn’t keep reminding me of Power Rangers with some of the mid-fight poses :P

    • JanisL

      Any chance of doing more live action anime adaptations like Blood The Last Vampire? Its so cheesy and awesome that even Roger Ebert gave it 3 stars out of 4

      • LastLuck

        Especially the badassness of the sensei in that movie… :D

    • http://jesse-the-art-maker.deviantart.com/ Jesse Ray Garza

      Damn, so much to say about this. Big fan of the anime as a kid and teenager, saw BOTH of the movies, saw the first movie 10 times and never at all knew THAT was mark hamil, seriously, wtf? REALLY? I saw the second movie atleast 20 times when i was younger and super deep into the anime and stuff. Its a lot darker and starts off with many a throat slitting and beer drinking, I think you both would like it a lot more!

      Also wtf is up with that fight between you and the crittic at the end? I hope that was scripted and not therapeutic, like theres some kind of weird blad blood between you to! That would suck! Also have you seen dougs vlogs on new cartoons like avatar, kora and adventure time? Why cant you do something like that but for like anime, OR, the other cartoons out there like gravity falls or regular show. The fact that you dont watch cartoons will make the vlogs all the more interesting and you can break them down and compare them to anime! Think about it man~!

    • Neon

      I honestly wasn’t expecting a review like this.

    • Sam Park

      i was watching the Adventure Time VLOG and somehow led me to here, though i love the fact their doing Guyver

    • Thomas McCravy

      Wow, Bennett, everyone in the bennettverse really DOES shit all over you!

    • Bayleef84

      It would befun to see Critic and Sage Review A Hentai..Like La Blue Girl or Bible Black..

      Or wait: Sage and Spoony`s Review of Bible black :)

    • British Tea bag

      There’s this guy on YouTube and his channel name is HappyAsylumTime and he reviewed Guyver dark hero and dedicated it to David Hayter, its rreally good and he definitely watches alot of channel awesome. If I find a link I’ll post it

    • British tea bag

      ok here’s that guy that reviews Guyver Dark Hero its actually awwsome

    • Rob DiBank

      Hey I spotted Jeffrey Combs in this!

    • Danny Caracciolo

      Huh…first time Sage has been a Human

    • BWood

      Hmmm, I always thought the transformations and monster suits were pretty sweet in this…not as varied and detailed as its sequel, but still nice. The practical effects were one of the few highlights .

    • Tom

      YES! YES! YES! YES!

      Next episode finally!

    • Brandters

      Wow the voice over on sage was horrible :S. The rest was awesome ;)

    • SpexGuy1118

      Please let’s hope he does the sequel next.

    • Dude in a DeLorean

      Wow, this seriously has to be resolved. I’m really wondering where you are going with that ending.

    • Bryan Mccormick

      I love the Chronicles of Amber reference, “shadow of a shadow “

    • George Covert Jr.

      you should review the next movie

    • B-lockdown

      Anybody know what the song is at 2:09 is?

    • TheBlondBaka

      hehe, was that a reference to The Critic at the end? =D

      Also, great video, saw a few of my friend at the beginning, wish i’d been in the artist all during that, ah well =P

    • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net/ gundamjehutykai

      To be fair, the sequel was much better than this! So glad I saw that first…

      • Oni Ishida

        You watched them in the wrong order.

        You should have watched the first movie before the second.
        Not for continuity’s sake, fuck no.

        But watching the awfulness that is The Guyver, and then watching Dark Hero right after, gives you a much better appreciation of the sequel.

        • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net/ gundamjehutykai

          In Europe, the first movie was actually called Mutronics so we had no idea that the 2 movies were even related until one picked up the box for mutronics and read the blurb at the back, which has a tiny mention of the guyver in it.

    • Matt M.

      Evil Jim Carey is actually David Gale, who starred in The Reanimator and several other horror films in the ’80s and ’90s

    • Lance Grabow

      decent review but that ending was WAY too unconfortable.

    • Cliff Stroud

      To be fair……the anime is awesome

    • Cliff Stroud

      But this movie did blow…..watch the sequel…it’s a little better and more entertaining. Plus it has Solid Snake


      Ugh, that freaking cockroach movie..

      Gee golly gosh, I wonder what analogy they where trying to go for with that! Hmmm…..nope, way to “deep” for me!!!


    • Brian O’Connell

      Hey can someone do me an awesome, and get 99.9% of these idiots to stop calling MacGyver “MacGuyver”? It’s seriously annoying.

    • Brian O’Connell

      Oh yeah, and if the joke went sailing over your head, the eeeeevil mastermind was the eeeeevil mastermind from Reanimator, and one of his scientist minions, named Doctor East, was also Doctor West from Reanimator. There. My nerd cred is complete, muah hah hah hahhhhh!

    • chip_985

      Got blindsided by this movie when I was in third grade. In Australia they released it under the title “Mutronics” (yeah, I don’t know why, either) and marketed it as this sci-fi comedy about mutants. Then this quasi-superhero showed up, which was rather cool, really. Then Mark Hamill turned into a giant insectile monstrosity. That haunts me to this day. It’s his sad, still-human eyes in that monstrous face. Fuck me, it was and remains the most horrible scene committed to celluloid. Fuck you, The Guyver.

      Loved the sequel, though. Great fun.

    • rob123

      Thank god the anime did it justice, i wonder if he’ll ever review Project Arms

    • http://mara999.deviantart.com/ MaraBackman

      With a few tweaks on the suits and far better direction, I think they could have worked all right in some other context. Like monsters in Power Rangers, Doctor Who or in some scifi-horror flick. They kinda resemble the Lovecraftian monsters in “The Mouth of Madness”.

    • Oni Ishida

      You need to review the other two movies (the animated one, which is a loose retelling of the fight between Guyvers 1 and 2, for those who didn’t know).
      I mean, the sequel has Solid FUCKING Snake. And it’s actually a really, really good movie that aims to be dark and violent, like the actual series, as opposed to being a somewhat gory TMNT knock off.

      Also, get Critic back if you ever review Fist of the North Star.
      He’d get a KICK out of Shin’s overacting.
      The acting in that movie is too damn funny. It’s a classic, that’s so bad, it’s awesome. And it’s even funnier if you’re a fan of the source material.

    • Laken Jewell Miller

      At 28:00 that looks like Dr. Re-Animator. Holy shit.

    • Laken Jewell Miller

      Oh my God. It IS Jeffrey Combs!! At 28:00! LMAO

    • Wethewax

      There are a few things missing from this review:
      1: The actor playing the Zoalord is David Gale, who is better known as Dr Hill in Re-Animator,….that’s the guy who tries to perform some disembodied head….head.
      2: Spice Williams-Crosby plays the female thug, but you might remember her better as the Klingon 2nd in command from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
      3: Unless I’ve gone mental you didn’t mention Jeffrey Combs,…in a creature feature,…he’s wearing a lab-coat,…IT’S JEFFREY COMBS PEOPLE!!
      4: Oh myyyy,…this film features Linnea Quigley (she’s the screaming blond in the red dress). Linnea Quigley’s bio contains (amongst many titles) Silent Night Deadly Night, Graduation Day, Pumpkinhead II, but most importantly her first ever movie…PSYCHO FROM TEXAS!!

      I still think that was a great review guys, but I’m genuinely surprised that you didn’t mention these things, and IMHO Linnea Quigley deserves a feature all to herself seeing as she was part of some of the greatest schlock of the 80s and 90s.

    • Brian O’Connell

      Hehehe… Hehehehehe… I just remembered a couple of anime flicks that you MUST review. Because they were actually based on American sci fi stories. You probably already know where I’m going with this. One: Lensman. Two: Starship Troopers. Both incredibly cheesy 80s flicks. Barring that, if you want to beat up another Korean anime, there is, of course, Starchaser: The Legend of Orin. Muahahahahaaaaaagh! My heart! *collapses*

    • Jerry Forbe

      Is it me, or did I find the dubbing insanely hilarious? It kind of felt like a flashback into a really badly dubbed anime, seems to be the theme of Anime Abandon and for me it was a welcome change in your review. I might be alone on this, but I would love an episode with all of your lines dubbed over. I don’t know, but like a parody of a shitty anime.

      Bennett, you’ve shown me something that has dumbfounded me for the first time in months! I also really loved that tiny cameo of FIlm Brain XD

      You know, I actually thought that the ending was meant to parody the movie, as you did state “It goes from dark to goofy and slapsticky”… I seriously thought the ending was supposed to be some clever joke about that; until I watched your super tool shed ep.

    • Leon0000

      I liked both movies probably because I saw the guyver movie first. the second one was better. but thanks for the movie I found the anime and love that too.

    • goldenpassiontrueheart77

      this is hilarious

    • humdiblifier

      Next time let the critic write his own lines… it’s off-putting hearing your words coming out of his mouth.