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    Citizen of Bennettopia, you have done well this weekend. Many orders were placed, lives were saved.

    The rest of you… Well. You know what’s next.

    Thank you to everyone who ordered, everything goes to print tomorrow, pictures and progress reports to follow as they become available.

    Maester of Technology

    I’ve Got Some Questions…

    Q: Okay, so how does this work?

    A: Easy, a clock is counting down to the end of the sale. So long as it doesn’t say zero, you can order. Your order is processed entirely through paypal so it’s nice and secure. You wait a bit, then bam, you’ve got some limited edition print to order swag to call your very own.

    Q: How long are we talkin’ turn-around wise?

    A: As soon as the sale is over (July 21st), we put the order in to our printer and we’re at their mercy for about 7-10 days. Then it all gets packed up and shipped USPS priority mail. So to be conservative, let’s say roughly 2-3 weeks from order to on your back.

    Q: I don’t have PayPal, can you accept (pay method)?

    A: Sorry, but no. It’s PayPal only, no exceptions.

    Q: I live in (insert country), can I buy one?

    A: Sure, why not. It’ll take longer to ultimately get to you of course. But yes.

    Q: Why a time limited sale? Why not just run a store?

    A: Because print-to-order, though involving more work, is a crapload easier than setting up the type of store that you’ve been used to around the Reviewniverse. It allows us to sell a cool shirt, at a REASONABLE price with the only difficulty being that we have to process everything ourselves as opposed to having cafepress, printfection or any other name your highwayman service do it. It’s limited because, we can take some time out to do this, but we’ve still got jobs to do.

    Q: I ordered a (size), but got a (size), WHAT DO I DO NOW?!

    A: You shoot us an email, if we have any overstock, we’ll refund your shipping, you send it back, we’ll send you the correct size and cover the shipping for your trouble. If we don’t have any overstock, you send it back, and we’ll give you a full refund.

    Q: Are you going to do this again?

    A: Maybe, no promises. Let’s just get through this one first.