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    As the door into summer swings open the boys of the Shed greet the coming blockbusters with open arms. After a bit of meandering, Wonder Woman becomes of the talk of the day… month… quarter? Hmm…

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    Nic Vaughan,”Eisnacht”, “Please Understand” & “StuporFoolShred” ,@ SoundCloud. and Twitter @nicversus

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    • ChefM80

      The requirements for a decent Superhero movie:
      Set during a World War.
      An Actor named Chris plays a Character named Steve.
      Something about a Plane in the 3rd act.

      My best birthday present ever has to be the basic tool box my father gave me when I turned 6. It had two screwdrivers (flat and phillips head), a hammer, a pair of pliers, and a wrench set in a cheap plastic tan toolbox. I still have it to this day it sits in the trunk of my car.

      I loved Wonder Woman I’m just afraid Justice League is still going to suck hard despite the rush to reshoot scenes in the wake of Wonder Woman’s success. DC kind of shot itself in the foot by killing the rest of the Greek Pantheon before the movie starts. They could have her fight other Demigods/Titans. DC has their own Hercules and Atlas. They could figure out how to do an extended version of the Justice League episode where she fights the rogue Amazon.

    • Garland Mueller

      Here I sit and the only thing I can think about is Marc punching Gabe in the dick.