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    It’s been a rough month for the boys of The Shed and oddly silent. This episode finally gives a rundown of what’s going on, what’s being done about it and what to look forward to. All on top of the usual life musings.

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    • Cameron Ward

      man, tech trouble sucks :/ oh well, the episodes will be worth the wait.

    • AnthonyDaFox .

      The Airwolf Theme

    • hariman

      And this episode is a VERY good reason to get to know a mechanic very well, so he never rips you off. Or better yet, do it yourself.

      I eagerly await the new episodes of Anime Abandon, though I might be delayed in watching them due to stuff.

      EDIT: Also, walking to work saves me $90 on the ripoff of the Pittsburgh bus system, and only costs me a little extra in shoes. The time sunk isn’t much different due to the timing of the buses. More for the case of doing stuff for yourself.

    • I hope this all comes across as I’m intending it, but we can wait however long we need to for Anime Abandon to come out. Tech issues and other circumstances are a universal pain, and I really do hope things start smelling like roses for you both very soon.

      Here’s to you guys having a better week than the past days have been. And good luck getting your computer back soon and your car fixed, both of you. I’m hoping for the best.

    • R. Butler

      I’m not going to say anything with certainty, but it sounds like either a motherboard or a hard drive issue. Neither of which sounds fun at all:L

      Here’s hoping things get better before the end of the year :c

    • Ethan

      Great podcast guys. I hope everything is resolved and you both have an enjoyable holiday. Karl Urban has been in a lot of bad movies. Being a fan of the Cinemasnob I know Urban’s filmography pretty well. He was in the movie The Loft that came out the beginning of this year and Walking with Dinosaurs which came out at the end of 2013. For movies he was good in and is remembered for being in besides Star Trek and Dredd, he was also in the second and third Lord of the Rings films.

    • ChefM80

      In college I learned though trial and error how to fix a computer. Now I look forward to when my sucker friends buy a new pc and give me their old one which I take maybe 3 hours to fix and sell for pure profit. Meanwhile my personal pc is a 14 year old dell that I brought back from death 3 times and I refuse to give up on it.

    • Joey Ray

      TBH the new star wars movie is overrated. its a carbon copy of a new hope with a mary sue protagonist and a boring joke for a villain

    • Speaking as a computer technician, there is absolutely no excuse to take a week to diagnose a black screen, even on a desktop.

      Sorry you guys had to deal with that crap. Hope you get your system back asap. Regardless of the episode.

      Was it a motherboard problem?

      • Neerclass

        It was the HD and the plot just continues to thicken…

    • Frank

      For a computer to have a black screen. If it dose not post bios, then the video card failed. If a new video dose not work, then you mite dust in the PCI x16 port, bios battery died, or the motherboard died but sense it still turns on then the motherboard mite be ok.

    • Issun86

      What ended up happening with the computer? Did Marc have to rebuild it completely or did the repair shop fix it?

      • Neerclass

        We bought a new drive and built up a new Windows installation. Thankfully, no significant data was lost from the old drive, which turned out to be silently failing.