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    The boys of The Shed talk about the new Power Rangers, DeathNote, Ghost in the Shell and pepper in some of the odd thoughts and end wonderments which make this a show only they could do. Jump in.

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    • hariman

      …It’s not hard to have a transit structure that is better than Pennsylvania’s. Especially Pittsburgh’s Port Authority, which is a bit of a debacle.

    • penguintruth

      I’ve seen Ghost in the Shell (1995) several times. I’ve seen Innocence (unfortunately). I own all of Stand Alone Complex and have seen it several times. I own all of Arise (except the bits they haven’t released in the US) and have seen it a couple of times. I’ve read (albeit little of) the manga. So I just want to establish my GitS credentials. I am a GitS fan.

      The live-action movie looks like it could be decent. Not great, not horrendous, decent. I won’t be surprised if it’s bad, I won’t be elated if it’s not horrible. When (if) I go see it, it will be out of pure curiosity. I saw the first five minutes they posted on YouTube, and those five minutes were respectable. But the movie will ultimately rise and fall on the treatment of GitS’ main theme of transhumanism, not on piddling little aesthetic details.

    • CommentDude

      Please do a Toolshed on Ghost in the Shell. This is a purely selfish request because I like Toolshed much more than Sage Vs.

    • tasti man LH

      “What was Trini DOING in that rock quarry?”

      …she was off doing tai chi exercises. You see her do the stances and everything. Probably chose this quarry because it was a (relatively) isolated place with not a lot of people around. Now yes, it wasn’t really expounded upon further in the movie, but that’s what it was.

    • Ciaran Reid

      Jon Tron did nothing wrong.

    • ChefM80

      Forget more Saban movies where is my Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad movie!? We need to utilize Tim Curry while we still can!

      I liked Power Rangers. What other action movie ends its climatic final battle with a bitch slap? After getting over the initial shock of Alpha 5’s appearance I agree he is the best thing in the movie. My friends didn’t like the addition of the Zeo Crystal but I liked it because it gave a good reason for the movie to take place in Forks and not a capital city like NYC.

      I hated the Megazord in this movie. Not so much how it works but how it looks. It doesn’t look like the 5 zords combined into one. It looks like the giant robot from Reboot where they made fun of power rangers.

      Operation Overdrive made the morphing grid a physical thing in spades when someone had to go in and fix it. In Mighty Morphing the black ranger gets to wear green ranger’s shield in one episode too.

      Did you see the news report that Jason David Frank was ejected from the premiere of the movie for using his phone to capture the reaction of some people behind him to his cameo?

      I’m sure Cinema Sins will point out how they are super strong except for when the story calls for them not to be. In the scene where they first morphed and are fighting putties the sword just grows out of the Armor like how Edward makes a sword out of his arm in Fullmetal Alchemist or the sword Keith gets in the new Voltron. I thought Jason was giving the coin back not just the sword in the end.

      I love to listen to you two ramble while I get my work done. Junk Drawer Toolshed is best Toolshed.

    • ScytheEdge

      The Power Sword did appear in the fight with the putties. It was a slo-mo shot where it materialized in his hand. You must’ve missed it.

      Also a reminder that the Battlizer became a big thing during In Space. I really don’t expect to see that anytime soon. Though we might get something like the Metallic Armor.

      • AnthonyDaFox .

        the Closest thing to a Battliizer in Mighty Morphin we got was The Green ranger’s Chest armor.