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    Super ToolShed: Lost Quarters

     Mar 4 2016 | more 

    Nearly three months without an episode, the boys of the Shed gear up and whip out the purple stuff for some serious pre-spring cleaning. They talk about “The Lost Quarter”, Street Fighter, throw in some of the usual general life chat and tie it up with some electric weasels.

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    Nic Vaughan,”Eisnacht”, “FutureBot” & “Madison Square Gaiden” ,@ SoundCloud. and Twitter @nicversus

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    • JillyBean

      Ah Katsucon was super fun this year. Wish I could have gotten a chance to say hi Marc, didnt know you were there. Also nice job on the Street Fighter game!

      As far as Katsucon damages go, whooo boy. Having been at ALA only two weeks prior I dont know whats worse. Granted for Katsu the fire was not con attendees fault, and we dont have any confirmation that the flood was either (could have been a burst pipe) but that doesnt account for the physical damages like one punch mans mark, the broken exit signs, and the broken windows. Hopefully some one pays up for that. Can say though that East coast cons felt WAY different from West coast ones.

      Glad you are taking a month off for your health Bennet. Get some good rest and be easy on your back. Looking forward to whats in store when you get back.

    • Wikipera

      You will never know how much this injection of Toolshed saved my procrastinating arse. Thank you.

    • hariman

      Congratulations on voicing a character and translating for Street Fighter 5, Marc!

      I remember a while ago 100% beating Street Fighter Alpha 2 on my Sega Saturn (still have that, regret selling my Dreamcast. Damn being po’ and wanting more new games.), and then being done with the game and making $5 off of it because I’d bought it for $20 on clearance at one store, and it was worth $25 in trade in at Gamestop. 😛

      I have viciously curly hair, which beats up any straight hairs I might have and makes them curl. Especially my beard. And even then, it’s probably damn near straight compared to Marc’s hair.

      Ah, computer problems. I recently figured out/had someone tell my that my Windows Desktop might be having crash problems because the motherboard/cpu might be bad. Previous culprits are possibly bad RAM. Or multiple bad hard drives. Or bad software in Windows 7. Probably just going to build a new desktop when I can afford it.

      Also: Yay Undertale! It’s one of my favorite games, now that I’ve played it. It’s definitely Toby Fox’ Magnum Opus, and he wants to start work on another game, he’s just not sure what yet.

      Undertale is very good, lots of fun, and if it strikes a chord with you, it really strikes a chord with you.

    • Issun86

      I hate to be that guy but I still have a soft spot for Akira. I first saw it when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade and it blew my mind. Before that most of my exposure to animation was Disney movies and bugs bunny. I had no idea people could make stories and pictures like that and I instantly fell in love.

      • JillyBean

        I got a love of Akira too. The opening bit with the bar and riding through neo tokyo is one of my favorite scenes in all of film.

    • slayride

      Barbasol is so cheap and so effective. The other thing is that it doesn’t change, it doesn’t tend to turn into the slurry other brands do when they get old.

    • slayride

      I loved my PS1 and PS2, but I had to sell them to get a PS3. And eventually the PS3 will go for a PS4. Its a simple matter of space. I have about enough space for a single console and a PC in my life. The truth about PS versus Xbox is that the PS systems just have more RPGs that make their space value higher for me (for me the major RPGs are Disgaea and Persona).

      As for Dreamcast, just wish I hadn’t sold it. Would love to play some Skies of Arcadia, Record of Lodoss War, Phantasy Star Online, Jet Grind Radio, etc.

    • ChefM80

      I remember getting my Gillette Mach 3 in the mail with coupons for the gel and replacement cartridges and thinking that was the best thing ever. 16 years later dollar shave club for life.

    • Listening to this while playing blade and soul lol

    • wow that hate mail at the end… wtf man?

    • Jacob D Slaughter

      Mark you know that attitude of indifference and humility is why you have fame in the first place. Flip it around and pretend to revel in it, then watch as it fades. Oh and you guys maybe on track for a new record. Hope all is well. Slaughter. P.s. I hate what ever is managing the comments. I have to clear my browser history each time I post. It feels shadier then most porn sites.

    • Cyrrus

      Has Super ToolShed died?