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      Can’t get enough of that Golden Criiiisssp!

    • Jegsimmons

      i dont know about anyone else, the craziest cereal i ever got was captain crunch.

      And halo 5 suck?
      Nah…out there plot and messed up pacing? sure.
      But sucks?
      Hell no. Gameplay, characters, multiplayer, art direction, and over all ideas and universe expansion save it.
      Its essentially the halo 2 of the new trilogy.

      • Neerclass

        People didn’t look back fondly on Halo 2 either. Dump out cliffhanger ending, half the game is spent with a no character with no warning prior. But, yes, you’re right, it’s the middle child of the new trilogy and that can only be seen as bad when you see what you have to compare it to. Multiplayer doesn’t “save” the game when you’re deeply interested in the story, so everything that you just listed is the currency of a stalled economy of good will for me personally.

        I LOVE the multiplayer, but the first thing I do, when I get a new Halo is start the campaign, turn off my phone and play until I hit the end. Halo 5’s ad campaign and radio play (Hunt the Truth) sold a game that simply put, doesn’t exist. We’ve been revisited by the sins of Halo 2 and this time there’s simply no way to see beyond what’s immediately wrong with its presentation.

        • hariman

          And that’s why I haven’t liked any of the newer Final Fantasy games. Or Bravely Default for that matter.

          The story is important to me, but those games keep screwing up the story by either telling it poorly (FFX, FF8.) or telling a bad story (Bravely Default, FF 13.), so Final Fantasy has fallen because they focus on spectacle and cut scenes instead of, you know, the story that people liked from the 2D Final Fantasies.

        • Jegsimmons

          Yeah, i buy the games for campaign, but multiplayer is a good bonus that at least makes the money for it worth it.

          ” Halo 5’s ad campaign and radio play (Hunt the Truth) sold a game that simply put, doesn’t exist. ”

          This is why i always cut myself off from new material when the next game is announced. I go in with no hype, expectations, ect.

          “We’ve been revisited by the sins of Halo 2 and this time there’s simply no way to see beyond what’s immediately wrong with its presentation.”
          eeeehhh…i still got to disagree, while it think the plots execution and pacing was by far the weakest in the series, there were plenty of thing regarding character, ideas, universe expansion, ect that save it for me personally.
          Though i think the game should have done what ODST did and make it essentially open world connecting a series of missions together. You know…Hunt for truth? Piecing shit together to get the picture fo whats happened?
          Of Locke was essentially the rookie, i think this game would have been better off, that way you not only play more as chief, but also blue team as well.
          I i do like what idea they went with regarding, you know who…but thats getting into spoilers and i know many people still havent played it.

    • hariman

      Heh. I have two jackets that are both about 16 years old. One has been relegated to living at work in case I have to fill the milk, the other is so beat up that it’s getting replaced next year. Because the pockets are tearing apart.

    • Sol Gill

      Oh what does the Steven Universe conversation entail? Does Marc like or hate the show? I really like the show, but I am curious if he does or does not like it.

      • Jegsimmons

        personally i find the entire show to be dull and an eyesore.

        I really hate this new tumblr hipster art style all these shows are doing.

      • DJKennedy90 .

        I admit that I actually kinda like Steven Universe, but make it a point to not actually be a part of its fandom. The show isn’t a perfect product like so many of the fans say, but it’s entertaining enough.

        But that fanbase tho. Even when the showcrew ask them to not be asses, the diehards merely start being asses to the crew.

        That’s what’s wrong with fandoms, they’re always full of… people.

    • Turcano

      Personally, I think the whole “Ferengi as space Jews” thing was a lot worse in TNG than it was in DS9, primarily because they were almost entirely antagonistic in the former.

    • lt_amazil

      “we had wolves, I grew up being shot at” I half-expected him to finish that off with “by wolves”

    • ChefM80

      They brought back Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute last halloween. In the Expose did you mention Captain Crunch’s huge lie?

      I will never not think of Singled Out when I think of Chris Hardwick.