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    No… no… it can’t be… but it IS!!! A NEW SUPER TOOLSHED! After a nine month absence what ISN’T there for the boys of The Shed to talk about? Hit the jump and find out for yourself!

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    Nic Vaughan,”Eisnacht”, “Sad-Slow-C64” & “Where the Weird Things Are (v2)” ,@ SoundCloud. and Twitter @nicversus

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    • Lawrence Tubbs

      WAIT YOU FUCKERS WERE AT YOUMACON?!! Y’all are some weird humble assholes, tweet that shit out next time!

      • hariman

        Oh man, I can hear The Engineer’s growl at being noticed in public from here!

        Seriously though, Marc is very humble and not a fan of fame, and I think Bennett just forgot to tweet it.

    • georgeversion1

      The Tool Shed is open again, it’s like a Christmas miracle.

    • hariman

      Congratulations on getting the part in Pokemon! …And a role in One Piece. Now I’m wondering which voice in One Piece was yours.

      I just watched Neer’s part in the first episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon too, which was pretty cool. 🙂

      • Neerclass

        Hey, thanks. The role in One Piece was a bit part I did right around the same time I did the Mass Effect movie.

        I never even saw what episode it was, but it was waaaaay back by now.

        • hariman

          You’re welcome. 🙂

          That was during the Fishman Island arc, and I didn’t catch your voice back then, way back in 2012-ish range.

          If I ever rewatch the series, I’ll have to remember to listen to see if your voice stands out. 😉

    • ChefM80

      And now all my christmas wishes have come true. Personally I will always take a tool shed over anything because listening to you two shoot the shit is enjoyable to listen to and gets me though my work day. If I ever found the opportunity I’d give anything for the chance to voice a good villain. My natural laugh is haunting and evil and scares the stuffing out of my nephew and I’m sure I can make my voice match up with the laugh.

      Congrats on the part in Pokemon. I wasn’t going to watch it but I will now because I want to show support.

      • hariman

        Heh. One of my coworkers and I got into a short Maniacal Evil Laughter competition. I won hands down in the first round. I’ve also been told by multiple people that I have a “goon laugh”.

        Good luck on your search for a villain role! May your laughter bring chills to the spine of the audience when the time comes. ;D

    • darkelf1988


    • Julio Vazquez

      Damn guys I was worried you guys won’t do Toolshed again and honestly this podcast really makes me feel at ease knowing that I’m not alone chasing dreams. I love the podcast and I had to re-listen to the ones that I downloaded whenever I’m in the mood.
      But yeah Marc congrats on being on Pokemon now I have a reason to watch the show again after so long 🙂

    • Spike Prime

      Okay, for the “Ridley said he was a replicant” well, yeah, but when FIRST asked about it, he said he WASN’T a replicant. Scott has flip-flopped several times on that point, so it’s completely pointless going with one or another answer because he changed his mind on that.

      • hariman

        Still better than a David Lynch movie. David Lynch has openly admitted that he never supports any theory about his movies, and that it’s all up to the viewer to interpret it.

        • Spike Prime

          Personally I prefer David Lynch’s approach.
          To me, it’s completely idiotic for a creator to say, outside the confines of the actual film itself, “The real answer is _____” when a movie’s entire purpose was to be up to personal interpretation, especially when people will attempt to invalidate people’s take on a film with the argument “But the director said….!”
          If a writer says “my personal interpretation is _____” that’s one thing, but to just say objectively that there’s only one definitive interpretation despite that being against the point of the film? That’s missing the point.

          • hariman

            Alright, I’ll give you that making a film that is open to interpretation is diminished when someone chooses one interpretation and tries to make it official. But…

            For me, a movie that’s open to interpretation has little value, barring as a conversation starter. At best.

            I guess my reaction to that kind of movie is “What’s the point?”, with no answer beyond the creator going “I don’t know! You decide?”

            • Spike Prime

              I think a film open to interpretation has a lot of purpose, mainly that of making the audience be made to ponder, consider implications and have thoughts that they might not have had before. A lot of films have very easy answers that are made clear, but a film where the final answer is something you have to decide for yourself? It can be both a great thing to discuss, with others having different personal interpretations, or it can be something someone can thing of by themselves. That, like the film itself, is up to the audience to decide for themselves.

              And heck, the open interpretation of whether Deckard is a replicant or not isn’t the only thing about the film. Indeed, it’s both not even a thing the movie even mentions outright at all (meaning it may be something people didn’t notice was a factor), and is one of many different themes, concepts and story elements present (or not, depending on interpretation).

    • Orzene

      There are a million stories you can tell, but there are only ever a handful of good ones worth telling…