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    More like Pokemon BRONZE, amirite?!

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    It’s been 19 long and Shed-less months. But the boys will always come back to kick open the doors of The Shed eventually. The doors may be a little rusty. The tools… also rusty. Aaaaand I think the light bulb may’ve burned out in there. But the structure is strong and more than able to […]

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    Fighting game month ends with disaster: a frothing, maddening, beautiful disaster.

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    The only “showdown” here is ADV versus acting.

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    Is it any surprise that this “alpha” is also the “omega”?

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    Once again, January comes to an end on a bizarre, but this time angsty, note.

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    Has there ever been another anime that screamed “January” as loudly as Debutante Detective Corps?

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