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    Sage vs. The Best and Worst of 2014

    The year is up and it’s time for Sage and Gabe to look back and count down their best and worst movies of 2014.

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    Anime Abandon: Spriggan

    Impressive, and impressively dull.

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    Let’s kick off the year right. With some good old fashioned rage. What kind? Some of it drunken, with a splash of bad news fatigue.

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    Anime Abandon: Galaxy Express 999

    Praise be to Harlock.

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    Sage vs. Birdman

     Dec 25 2014 | Comments  2 
    Sage vs. Birdman

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a Sage vs. on Birdman!

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    Anime Abandon: Inuyasha

    The last episode for the year will leave you speechless and Sage frothing mad. What else but Inuyasha?

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    Anime Abandon: Tokyo Godfathers

    An anime film about Christmas that’s NOT a punch to the brain?! This IS a Christmas miracle!

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