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    Anime Abandon: Dark Cat

    Pure… unadulterated… terri-bad.

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    Sage vs. The Expendables 3

    Shocker of shocks… the movie isn’t terrible! And we also give our final farewell to Robin Williams.

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    Anime Abandon: Tokyo Revelation

    What’s so “revelatory” about this heap? Absolutely nothing.

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    Sage vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Gavin joins our intrepid heroes on what is the most dreaded release of 2014. The news… ain’t good.

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    Super ToolShed: And You Should Feel Bad

    The Shed re-opens after a too long break for the boys to look at the darkening skies over the world we call nerd.

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    Sage is Going to Mythicon 2014!

    Live in the Orlando, Florida area? Then come see Bennett The Sage and many other special guests at the Double Tree for Mythicon 2014!

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    Sage vs. Guardians of the Galaxy

    Meet the “New Usual”. Better than the old… but still the usual.

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