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    Anime Abandon: Ayane's High Kick

    Just when you think you’ve reached the threshold of anime stupidity…

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    Nuts & Bolts: Sins of the Sisters

    Let’s see just how far this rabbit hole goes.

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    Uncle Yo returns to The Shed and joins the boys in rattling around the junk drawer. What they find may surprise you.

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    Behind the Scenes: Sins of the Sisters

    So what exactly did go on during the filming of this review?

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    Anime Abandon: Sins of the Sisters

    No joke here. Sins of the Sisters is one of the worst animes I’ve ever seen. EVER. SEEN.

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    Anime Abandon: Memories

    Breath taking. Nothing short of a surreal masterpiece.

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    Anime Abandon: Slayers The Motion Picture

    The only thing bleeding its horror here are your ear drums listening to Naga The Serpent.

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