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    Anime Abandon: Video Girl Ai

    The most surprisingly good show yet on Anime Abandon.

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    Anime Abandon: Teknoman

    What better to start Tatsunoko month than your favorite… third favorite Saturday morning anime?

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    The best things come in threes. Comedy? Threes. New car? The third. All the best, which may explain the new Avengers. Jump in with the boys of The Shed and beware the spoilers.

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    Sage is Going to Fanime 2015!

    Come see Sage in San Jose this Memorial Day weekend!

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    Anime Abandon: Landlock

    With a name like Landlock, it’s gotta be terrible!

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    Anime Abandon: Super Atragon

    A naval drama more schmaltzy than Titanic? No, but close.

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    Anime Abandon: Amon Saga

    At times hysterical, but most times embarrassing.

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