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    Anime Abandon: Harlock Saga

    Not even Captain Harlock can save this from being unwatchable.

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    Notice of Delay

     Aug 24 2015 | Comments  8 

    Due to the migration of our new video host, I have been unable to work on the Anime Abandon episode due for release on the 28th. The episode will be delayed until the 30th. Please pardon the interruption of our usual service.

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    Anime Abandon: Burn-Up W

    Funny that it’s called Burn-Up; I’ve been looking for some kindling.

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    Anime Abandon - Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma

    No lacerated skies, but plenty of bloody horror regardless.

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    Sage Says Goodbye To The Daily Show

    Bennett recounts his fond memories of the show and man that informed not only his sense of humor, but also of world events.

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    Anime Abandon: Wild Cardz

    Wild Cardz iz ztupid, azinine, and horrendouz.

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    In Transition

     Jul 23 2015 | Comments  18 

    As most of you are well aware of, Blip will be shuttering come August. Rest assured, business will remains as usual, but we are in the process of transitioning away from Blip. Please pardon our dust in the meantime.

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