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    Anime Abandon: Wild Cardz

    Wild Cardz iz ztupid, azinine, and horrendouz.

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    In Transition

     Jul 23 2015 | Comments  17 

    As most of you are well aware of, Blip will be shuttering come August. Rest assured, business will remains as usual, but we are in the process of transitioning away from Blip. Please pardon our dust in the meantime.

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    Anime Abandon: Fake

     Jul 21 2015 | Comments  38 
    Anime Abandon: Fake

    Let’s get real… Fake kinda sucks.

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    Anime Abandon: Tokyo Babylon

    Finally, a story about Tokyo that isn’t about its inevitable destruction.

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    Sometimes, you wonder what makes these boys tick. E3, Fourth of July, post-convention chatter and why you shouldn’t make too many food options available at your next gathering. The Shed opens for you, brave listener.

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    Fanime 2015 Q&A

     Jul 7 2015 | Comments  6 
    Fanime 2015 Q&A

    Sage is back to answer all your burning questions… and get himself in trouble.

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    Anime Abandon: Jungle De Ikou

    If this is the kind of fun and games we can expect, then I’m not playing.

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