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    Garzey’s Wing Review

     Aug 24 2012 | more 
    • Josh

      What the hell did I watch!!??

    • Orzene

      I’ve seen this one.. and yeah, it’s as stupid as advertised here. I couldn’t watch it without putting it in Japanese … If only because I can’t audibly tell what bad Japanese voice-acting is. It’s still pretty fucking stupid either way.

    • Sam Park

      Funny fact, Grazey’s Wing is made by the Same guy who did Dunbine and Gundam, and it was also prequel to Dunbine, makes no sense, huh?

    • was i the only one who thought the little fairy was going to get raped?

      • Jegsimmons

        ive been on the internet far too long to actually know what that would like.

    • beargrueti

      A story that makes no sense what so ever. Reminds me of 2001 a space odyssey.

    • tanner martens

      holy shit! I just noticed that the music for the initial scene with lars is from swan princess. that must either be coincidence or a really weird in joke.

    • Ebonwing

      This review video seems to be broken for me. It gets to the part where that annoying pixie is about to be torn in two, and the video just ends.

      • Nick Eatalot Halberg

        Yeah same thing happens for me, annoying as hell <.<

    • huh, ends for me there too, after they fail to kill the pixie, odd

    • Eren

      I always thought School Days was mutually seen as the worst anime ever

    • Sven Hil

      Hmmm…. It is up there for bad ova’s but there is worse. Much much worse. Lucky they generally were not released here because the people bringing the schlock were scared of them. Of course almost nothing compares to Cleopatra……Cept maybe belladona of sadness….Oh god the pain…

    • Jeffrey S Piatt

      It’s an remake of an 80’s mecha anime without the bug mecha by the same creator as mahq describes it Tales of Byston Well: Garzey’s Wing

      Yoshiyuki Tomino returned to Byston Well in 1996 with the 3 episode OVA Tales of Byston Well: Garzey’s Wing. Garzey’s Wing stars Chris Senshu, a young man who suddenly finds himself summoned to Byston Well and swept up in a rebellion that the Metomeus tribe is fighting against the Ashigaba military. Garzey’s Wing is notable among Dunbine-related anime in that it features no aura battlers or mecha whatsoever, focusing entirely on man-to-man combat and the dinosaur-like war beasts. Garzey’s Wing was heavily criticized at the time of its release and continues to be today. It was released on DVD in the U.S. by Central Park Media in 2000, but it is now out of print following the company’s closing.

    • kyarachan .

      God I remember watching this YEARS ago, maybe when it first came out. I couldn’t even get through five minutes. I could never tell why, but thanks to this review I got my answer. IT SUCKS ASS!