• Anime Abandon

    Super ToolShed

    SAGE VS.


    Probably the best worst game I’ve played in years.

    • Thank you for your review. I agree for the most part. Let’s hope the Wii U version fares better than these ones.

    • David Harpstrite

      I’m beginning to think that maybe the Alien franchise should just go ahead and die, or at least take a long hiatus. It seems like it has been drowning in mediocrity for years, and every promising film or game like Prometheus or AVP (2010) ends up being a horrible piece of crap.

    • This game is sooooo bad… I just want a good xeno shooter with some horror, how fucking hard is that to do???

    • I passed this game today, it’s no where near as horrible as some people claim it is. Oh it’s bad, but it’s Duke Nukem Forever all over again, flawed games blown way out of proportion. It must be because Gearbox’s advertisement and promises never match what they deliver.

    • first movies so bad there good and now games to? Wow… Damn…

    • Barachiel

      I actually played this this weekend, after seeing it had been patched a couple of times.

      The grahpics are crap, though less crappy than in this video. The sound design and atmosphere was excellent. I hate to say it, the story the wasn’t exactly original, but as someone who just wanted the “Aliens” experience distilled into a video game, I pretty much got exactly what I wanted.

      As far as the retcon goes, I hated what happened off screen in Alien-3, so having that tweaked, really doesn’t bother me.

      That being said, this is now (as of version 1.4) a mediocre game at best, only suited for die-hard Aliens fans, who really dont’ care about “respected” the movies that followed it.