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    Alcon 2013 Q&A Panel

     Sep 15 2013 | more 

    The people of Leicester had questions for the Sage, and he had the answers.

    • Josh

      I think that one girl needed an adult.

      • Gareth

        We all needed an adult after that.

        Also, I don’t know what Sage has planned for the reaction video that was filmed during the showing, but I am fearful because of it.

    • Thor

      What is the video they watched?

      • Hedoro

        It was Bible Black, and dear god it would be literally impossible to get the ep on blip.

        • Thor

          That’s to bad I would love to see his review of it,

    • Turcano

      I think the Grand Rapids O’Reillys was written in a script format, where writing names in allcaps is commonplace. I don’t know for sure, since the fanfic seems to have vanished from the internet (including on this site).

    • Raj

      God I want to see that bible black review so bad… I just have this idea in my head that it will be the absolute funniest thing Bennett has ever done. But right now it seems like the only way to see it is to happen to be in the right town on the right weekend, attending whatever anime con the Sage comes to visit. I know he can’t come to every con, and I understand if he can’t post it on blip or youtube for content reasons, but god damn it, I want to laugh my ass off!

      • Sammi

        Release that shit on DVD, I will buy it in a heartbeat!

    • Guest

      Bible Black is unmistakable. That level of voice acting combined with that Tourette’s-esque guy is truly unique.

    • Neon

      I know everyone said this, but I really want to see what you had special episode you showed them XD

    • Guest

      WOAH! Is that Gigguk in the audience? Or have I just gone honkers?

    • Petsuchan

      WOAH! Is that Gigguk in the audience? Or have I just gone bonkers?

      • The Nightmare Rider

        Yes, Gigguk was in the audience and had his own panel at Alcon. Right before mine, actually. I hosted the Tokusatsu panel at Alcon :).

    • Paul Anthony Bernardo

      I wish I can watch that special episode