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    Never let it be said that The Shed stays shut for long. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters and the boys on opposite ends of what “good enough is good enough” should really be applied to, what you get is a BONUS and IMMEDIATELY TOPICAL episode of ToolShed.

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    • Jegsimmons

      all these casting questions for roles like Cable, Wolverine, ect….only one choice.

      Karl Urban

      Pro tip, you cant.

      • Neerclass

        …Damn you.

      • Sir Douchebag

        What about Stephen Lang for Cable?

        • Jegsimmons

          for an older cable, yes. but i always saw him as a dead ringer for Death Stroke…..stunt doubles included obviously.
          just give an old british safari mustache

          or white nick fury

      • You prove a strong point…..I really can’t argue against it. TOO STRONK!

      • Rakkrakk

        Well, I- FUCK. I CAN’T.

    • Turcano

      Gee Bill, how come your mom lets you have two Super ToolSheds?

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      Not to be ignorant or anything, but I thought since Marc himself was black, that he would just think that all stereotypes against black people were utter nonsense and disregard them. I’m not saying this makes him a bad person, I’m just surprised that the stereotype was even a though that he would have.

      • Neerclass

        Okay, you’ve piqued my interest. Why would I think that all stereotypes against black people have no basis in reality?

        • Kevin Andrew Sigler

          I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. I don’t know. I just thought that you wouldn’t believe in those kinds of stereotypes and that you would find them offensive, at least, if someone else were to say or believe in them.

          • Neerclass

            You didn’t, don’t worry about it. I’m not the “what do you mean ‘YOU PEOPLE?!'” type. I think that anyone with eyes can see that stereotypes (about ANYONE) are grounded in some sort of reality or experience. I don’t ignore them, personally I think they’re funny so long as they don’t personally affect me.

            Yes, many black people, especially in urban areas, are a miserable demographic to share a theater with. Loud and raucous people in general are a miserable demographic people to share a theater with regardless of race.

            But it can’t be helped that whenever I go to this particular theater (which is why I stopped going and only went this time because I felt it was more convenient for my friend as opposed to driving him to a theater an hour away) there’s usually a, we’ll say “urban” in this case, person or persons that make me want to get out of my seat, find a pipe, write “pipe down” on it and swing away.

            • Kevin Andrew Sigler

              Okay, thanks for being so cool about it. I’ve listened to other Super Tool Sheds in the past and I know how angry you can get. I was like, “Oh shit, I’ve awakened the lion!” But seriously, thanks for the talk and take care. Hopefully, your theater experience for Guardians of the Galaxy will be better than your experience at this movie.

    • slayride

      My favorite on the X-Men Adventures cartoon was always Gambit. Never could get the girl, but it never stopped him from trying.

    • Seth Drakin

      my favorite X-Men is a tie between Beast and Nightcrawler.

    • birdy the critic

      This is one of the times I find myself agreeing with Marc more than Sage. I do see some of Sage’s complaints like some problematic camera shaking during the fight scenes, but on the whole I think this was a great spy/action movie, as well as a great Cap movie. I understand if the spy genre isn’t your thing Sage, but I do think this was a great advancement of Cap’s character, and Marc’s idea of Cap finally collapsing in a crisis of faith in the third movie after two films worth of buildup makes a lot of sense. There were lots of great hand-to-hand fight scenes, the Winter Soldier is a memorable villain even if he wasn’t in the film that much, and Scarlett Johansson finally got to do some cool stuff as Black Widow. Plus, Anthony Mackie as The Falcon was awesome. This is easily one of my favorite of the Marvel movies, right up there with the first Iron Man, Avengers, and The First Avenger.
      Also, that was a great little jab at Cyclops fans, Sage (“for people who think milk is too spicy”). Of the major X-men characters, my favorites are Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost (yes she’s a bitch, but she’s an interesting bitch), and Beast.

    • Whoa, that was quick! Thanks for uploading this so fast, and it was a really good podcast as well! The x-men movies are weak! We need a better wolverine! Nuff said!


      Do the stats numbers really matter..?

    • georgeversion1

      X4 is going to be Apocolypse. Bryan Singer has already stated it.

    • Triarius Metzer

      I will have to agree with Sage… the Riddler is a great villain, Although to really do him justice, you would have to knock the action secens down and be a bit more of a drama thriller then a straight up batman saves the day thing..Riddler is wit vs wit then fighting which is a different movie filming mentality. I however will say I like Temple Fugate as my batman villain. Mostly because that episode stuck with me from my youth when I think about batman.

      I really do enjoy supertoolshed and all that you both do. I find you opinions great to listen to and diffrent perspective is so great. gives me better ways to look and understand when I view or hear something. I apprecate what you do.

    • GTO Neko

      I definitely see both sides of the argument big time between Marc and Bennett. In a way, I really gotta agree with Sage with the way at times, the fights that happen in the movie are TOO close to the action, not being far away enough. Plus, in a few instances of “shaky cam” that made it worse for me to be able to fully enjoy the whole experience. From what I could see, it was really good, but could’ve been great if they could redo some of those moments without being too close. For example, with a lot of the recent action/fight scenes like The Raid movies, even back to the point of the 80’s to mid 90’s Hong Kong action movies, those were for me the “golden age” of fight choreography (look up RIghting Wrongs/Above the Law with Yuen Biao for a good example of having the distance and right kind of close ups).

      When it came to the story overall, I definitely enjoyed it, especially for how it had to introduce what’s really interesting for Hydra being in the forefront of making things worse for what’s really happening now (nice touch they did). It JUST barely came close to give a “Full Price” rating from the old Spill website, but it made it to a “High Matinee”. It’s definitely worthwhile, but like how Sage had his doubts for certain moments, it’s definitely solid so I can’t take that away from him.