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    Anime Abandon: Appleseed

     Jun 14 2016 | more 

    I wish I had a hundred hands, too; so I can give this anime 72 thumbs down.

    Check out Erin Frost’s art HERE

    • Aotrs Commander

      Nothing I hate more than the sentiment “oh, life would be so terrible if nobody was hungry or poor or jobless!” It always speaks to me as coming from someone who has *never* actually had to fend for themselves (like they do, in, say Africa) in a really poor place, but who has some sort of idealised vision that if it wasn’t fof The Man holdingthme down with his wicked rule/tehnology/etc life would be perfect. (And ignoring history and human nature.)

      I’m pretty sure if you offered the folk in Africa or other areas if desparate poverty who have to walk miles for (often not even clean) water, have little food, less medicine, often no roof above their heads and sometimes at the constant risk of violence what they thought, the answer would *not* be that they consider themselves fortunate they are always struggling, not like those people who actually live in dry houses, don’t have to search hours for food and have time for leisure (for example, writing anime about how how much better life would be without all that nasty technology and/or strife)…

      So forgive me for venturing the opinion that corrupt cop gentleman really ought to be fired out of a cannon into the middle of the wasteland and then see how much he likes “struggling” in his life when he ACTUALLY has to struggle, like, properly.

      • disqus_B71aIc56lI

        It depends what we want for freedom and responsibilities within a technological society, maybe it’s the bioroids that are scaring the normal homo sapiens due to the uncanny valley factor. But unstable emotionally and psychological people living in this society is more scarier to co-exist with and I would rather have the bioroids intervene quickly and safely to keep me safe as long as the defined legal mental illness symptoms are used and not by political motives as in the Soviet Union nation.

    • Animenut1

      Anyone else notice the keyboard spelled out “Attari”?

    • Kyle Freedman

      What would you do with the other 28 hands?

      • R. Butler

        Probably involves masturbation.

        That seems to be a running joke somewhere >->;

    • Raiden

      Briareos was originally a human being. All they were able to save of him after a terrible incident was his brain, spinal cord, and digestive tract.

      The Manga for this is much better. The relationship between Briarreos and Knute is really sweet, and genuine, and is one of the pillars that holds up a very silly cop drama.

    • Landusk79

      man this guy….

      it better to have his rage story that government toy with him then be mad case his wife forgot to take her “joy” and just jump out window case she would Like to live in wasteland where there barely any thing, and there a city that give you what you need and not worry about some one Gutting you in your sleep that or being eaten while sleeping.

    • Jacen

      Ever see how SWAT breaches a room full of bad guys and
      hostages? They sometimes use flash bang grenades. Hell, Special Forces do it
      all the time. Look up how the SAS breaches a room full of hostages.

    • nroejb

      The manga has some great chapters, and some not so great ones as well, so maybe the tank police comparision stands…
      But Bioroids aren’t really cyborgs, more like human type cylons.
      Briareos is a cyborg but not a bioroid.

    • Casey Samuels

      More pissing on anime.

      • Sol

        Do you have anything to contribute, or are you just here to complain that Bennett is actually critical?

    • InAction

      I don’t know, Briareos wearing clothing doesn’t seem so out of place if he were originally human and it’s just what he’s use to. Works for Atomic Robo.