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    …of the Return of the Curse of the Creature’s Ghost.

    • tython

      I think the problem is that the Planet of the Apes franchise isn’t held in very high regard nowadays.

      • Jegsimmons

        that and i think they started at the wrong side of the franchise.

        because when the famous chareslton heston scene comes along “YOU MANIACS! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!”

        no one is going to be surprised at the twist.

        • tython

          Well everyone knew going in that this was going to be prequels to the famous planet of the apes movie I just also think no one cares about the backstory of that film.

          • hariman

            There was already at least one movie that was backstory to the original Planet of the Apes. This can only copy that, and add NEW propaganda to treat animals better and not tamper with genetics carelessly, etc.

            Now, granted, those aren’t bad things to campaign for, but I think people are tired of movies that preach a message instead of being FUN, and entertaining.

            Also, everyone knows what’s going to happen in this movie. Apes take over. People lose. Bleah.

            • Jegsimmons

              actually, rise and dawn are both remakes of earlier films in the franchise.

            • hariman

              Oh, so it was a direct copy, not an indirect but in the same vein copy. That only compounds the “meh” reactions to this movie.

              Although, from the sound of it, at least this version was decent to good.

            • Jegsimmons

              well to be fair…planet of the apes only had 1 good movie and 1 other memorable movie to begin with.
              the first one ever, then the one with underground missile worshipers.
              …….when they get to the missile one thats gonna be interesting.

            • hariman

              Oh, that explains that episode of Venture Brothers.

    • Christian Neihart

      Gabe, rock that mullet. Also as a sci-fi geek, Planet of the Apes was awesome as a high minded piece of cinema. And now to wait for Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • Nivmarx

      Your comparison to Jurassic Park didn’t work for me, because Jurassic Park IS my favorite movie of all time. I still kinda get your point. I’ve had movies like that too.

    • tanner martens

      midget gary oldman was in the movie tiptoes.

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      Yeah, I loved the shit out of this movie. But on an unrelated note, Christian Bale was in American Hustle after the Dark Knight movies! Am I the only one who gives a shit about that movie? Sorry, I’m just a big fan and I hate it when a movie of that quality is considered unimportant.

    • Oh man, I love you guys! These free form reviews are so much fun to watch. I’m kinda hoping you guys see and review “Lucy” next (or soon), especially knowing how Gabe feels about the actress that portrays her.