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    Anime Abandon: De:Vadasy

     Jul 7 2016 | more 

    It’s De:Terrible. It’s De:Horrible. It’s… just De:Worst.

    Check out Erin Frost’s art HERE

    • tasti man LH

      Oh, so Sage at least know/heard of RWBY’s reputation. Ok then.

      Even though, as a fan of the show, that series has WAY bigger issues then just supposedly “referencing better anime”. Shallow criticism to be honest…

    • Julio Vazquez

      Sage you son of a bitch, what the heck are you gonna review next?……….wait….thinking here…………..it’s Sekirei right!? You’ve mention the anime several times in the past, not to mention that the anime is already like. Plus I know Pokemon or any of the movies won’t be next since you have explained in one of the con videos that you won’t tackle the series. I know that neither SAO or AoT will be next since they are still too new for the show. Clannad maybe? or possibly Girls Bravo? Soooooooooooo many anime to consider here.

      • Cameron Ward

        I think Sekirei is past his cut off date by miles

        • Julio Vazquez

          I know the anime is already 8 years old but one could dream right?

    • Julio Vazquez

      But geeeeezzzzusss this anime is just…wrong in so many ways.

    • Vlad

      Mh.. a car crash full of emotions. Since you already reviewed Speed Racer The Movie, Mach Go Go Go is out of the question. Initial D could be the one, just wondering what the violence could be, or maybe I am reading too much into the whole crash thing. Hell it could be literally any anime but I would love to see Battle Angel Alita or … HAAAA!!! I got it… couldn’t be more obvious! 😀 I’ll cheer for you till your last episode… MUAHAHAHAHAH!!

    • Josh

      Sweet Jesus let it be Crimson Wolf!

    • Cameron Ward

      gah! hate those freaking cliffhangers.

      Still, great review and boy that…sure was anime….i mean WOW…..

    • Fiery Little One

      Huh. A ripoff with a twist ending…that…somehow…kinda…makes…it…original…I guess…? It’s still not good, though.

    • OhhhFreakOut

      150th Episode – LOVE HINA

      • Raiden

        He closed the book on that franchise a while ago. . .

    • harsh

      God i wish sage would review rwby one day

      • hariman

        … It’s a formulaic fight anime with good fights, but horrendously cliche story.
        Also, it will be about a decade before it’s on the “old enough to review” list.

    • Shayne Forgie

      This anime and many other shows and movies makes me question the morality of actors. Like, who walks in and says “Hi, I’d like to play the part of the lady who sleeps with a little boy”? Do they really want to have that follow them around for the rest of their lives?

      • Daniel2112

        What Sage never brings up is the fact that the age of consent in Japan is 13. It quite honestly annoys the piss out of me that he rants on and on about this topic without ever addressing that particular detail.

        • Shayne Forgie

          While that may be the case in Japan, it isn’t over here and it makes me wonder even more why the English VAs would want to play Doctor Bad Touch.

          • Michael Tabbut

            A paycheck is a paycheck, that is the long and short of it really

        • BeigePaladin

          not really. that’s one of those urban myths that seems to have sprung up, though with a kernet of truth.

          The age of ‘consent’ is 13 in japan, yes, but there’s another important law. the age of majority – it is legal for people 13+ to engage in a sexual relationship, but this is considered by law an ‘underage relationship’ and is only legal between people over the age of consent but under the age of majority, which varies from 18-20 depending on the prefecture

          now this is set in tokyo, where the age of majority is 18, and I’m fairly certain that adult doctor is over the age of 18

          so it remains statuatry rape in japan as well, as an adult nurse used her position of authority to pressure a child into sex, sex that obviously was unwillling and traumatic. even if there wasn’t the age issue, it remains rape, and that’s… kind of its point the movie was going for, desgustingly enough, it’s a shock moment. trying to capture the same feeling of unease Eva was known for and failing horribly into just bad touch mode as it lacks the circumstances that kept eva somewhat more kosher, as well as none of the skill at storytelling, and just…swept it under the rug

          • Daniel2112

            Thank you for the clarification. I wasn’t aware of the age of majority rule.

    • Raiden

      Has Bennet softened his initial opinion towards Evangelion since he did the original review of it?

      Also, I do hope you do a proper review of Rahxephon eventually.

    • Mikuo Rock Shooter

      I really, really hope Sage is going to review Roots Search next. It fits the bill for being soul crushingly awful.

    • Lily

      Ranma 1/2?

      • Raiden

        I hope he does that eventually. He HATES Rumiko Takahashi with a burning passion.

    • KagatoAsuka

      So I watched you back when you did the fanfiction stuff forever ago but never knew you continued this series and I’ve gotta say I’m surprised you haven’t tackled Gantz yet.

    • Ubersnuber

      “It carelessly apes from EVA, without understanding thing one about it”

      Let’s be honest. Who does, really, understand EVA?

    • some guy

      it would be cool if bennet did a review of riki oh

    • Athanasius Kirchner

      Ungh, they even copied some scenes completely! That one of the nuclear strike… for a second I thought you had switched to proper Eva.

      This was horrifying, and incredibly fascinating. It’s like watching Cronenberg’s Crash, but with the plot shamelessly stolen from my favorite anime. I honestly believe that, for all the kinds of awesome that NGE is, the damage it caused to anime was devastating, and can still be felt to this day. It all but killed mecha anime outside of established franchises, and all because most directors of the day decided they HAD to integrate some of NGE’s elements, plotlines, cuts, and whatever else they felt like plundering. De:Vadasy is just the most perfect example of that damage, and also of the studios’ failure to properly prevent the catastrophe (I mean, who the fuck greenlit THIS!? I hope they promptly lost their jobs afterwards).

      Thank you Sage for bringing this horrendous POS to my attention.

    • Wolf Zimmerman

      I think the anime’s name might derived from “devadasi”, a Hindu religious worker. In South India, a devadasi is a girl dedicated to the worship and service of a God in a particular temple. A devadasi cared for her temple, performed rituals, and participated in the performing arts.
      Not sure exactly how that’s related to this anime, though, if they’re connected at all.

    • X Machina

      You know, is it fair to say it’s reprehensible to for an adult to sexually assault a child, but not mention at all that that SAME child is expected to risk their life in battle and kill? Is it even fair to call such a person a child?