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    Sage vs. That Awkward Moment

     Feb 2 2014 | more 

    Sage, realizing that he doesn’t see enough movies, drags his friend Gabe along to see new releases every week. What a film to start off the series with…

    • Milepen

      Jumping onto the movie vlog bandwagon? Good man. Keep ’em coming

    • BigGator5

      Eh. Suggestion: If you are going to go down this road, don’t copy Brad Jones. Instead, copy Doug Walker.

      • hariman

        I’d rather see Bennett just enjoy the movie, or enjoy ragging on the movie.

        Whatever style he uses is fine by me.

    • Alexa

      Man…wizards…Who would’ve thought…
      But really if I had seen this movie I’d probably wouldn’t have laughed as much as I did here. You guys really work well off of each other. The only thing that bothered me was Sage’s need to comment on people’s looks, which just bothers me no matter who does it, pet peeve and all, but beyond that I wish you well with this venture.

    • JillyBean

      Man I wish I lived back in the states right now, I miss going to movies every week/multiple times a week. Alas.

      Gotta admit you guys picked a winner of a film there to start out with. I have high hopes for these, I actually really like brads movie reviews, its nice to hear people talk honestly about current films. But the unfortunate fact is more schlock comes out than winners, keep that in mind on going to see a film every week.

      Also broflick, I like that. I’m going to have to start using that term.

    • The Number A

      Can’t wait to watch this!!

    • birdy the critic

      You could have picked a better week to start doing this Sage. January is the dumping ground of movie releases post Oscar releases. Other than maybe the Lego movie or How to Train Your Dragon, you’re going to be sitting through a lot of crap until March or April.

    • 47ronin100 .

      Yes to this happening. I am so glad you started making movie vlogs. Looking forward to some more.

    • hariman

      I couldn’t make it though this Vlog. It’s not that Bennett and Gabe aren’t entertaining. It’s because the movie is utter trash. But, I do enjoy movie vlogs as entertainment and background noise, so I’m looking forward to more of these.

      Just hopefully on entertaining, or at least entertainingly bad movies. This movie just sounds awful.

    • I’m very excited for this series! You guys are great! 🙂