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    Anime Abandon: Madara

     Nov 16 2017 | more 

    Because this anime needs to have SOME kind of internet presence…

    • Cameron Ward

      it’s like you are stalking my amazon view history. All three of the titles for this month have been on my amazon view history while looking up animated films to review.

    • Jesse Shearer

      There’s no worry about my forgetting Madara exists. Like so many others, it’ll be erased from my memory in about two weeks’ time.

      As for the next episode, did that DVD box say “Judge” or “Juice”? So-called “gothic” fonts like that make it so hard to tell.

    • hariman

      Oh my. If you ever review Linebarrels of Iron I expect some high class fire for the undeveloped arsehat main character there.

      Man, this anime is dumb.

    • Neon

      Oh yeah. Judge is next. I remember seeing that years ago, and forgot about it like the last shit I took.