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    Sage is back, and with an episode that has been years coming down the line.

    • Neon

      It’s ground types that are immune to electric attacks, not rock types…… and you could care less XD

      • Orzene

        At the risk of sounding like a jackass .. yeah.

        R.I.P. HR Giger ..

      • Aotrs Commander

        In Sage’s defence, the early anime was forever telling us it was rock, not ground that, was immune to electricity… Except when they just forgot because Pikachu. (I reckon he just as a special ability akin to Scrappy or something.)

    • jim

      the tone,the motives,and dialog and editing make the movie slightly different.

    • penguintruth

      If it makes a difference, this movie loses a lot in the translation to the English dub. They basically missed the whole point of the movie, which was about the validity of clones as their own separate life instead of just “copies” and Mewtwo’s inferiority complex, NOT about “violence is bad”. Yes, believe it or not, there was nuance in the Japanese version of this. A Pokemon movie. Also, the Japanese OST was better.

      Escaflowne? Awesome, I reviewed that some time back. Too bad you’re reviewing the movie.

    • Kyle Freedman

      for sure i thought you were going to lift up Digimon the movie. or the Yugioh film

    • Cameron Ward

      yeah the movie is stupid when you take off the nostalgia. I mean yeah, i get why nostalgia is powerful, but at the same time, you should still admit when a nostalgic property has flaws.

      For example, after watching the entire Friends series with my sister, there are a slew of homophobic jokes that are played for laughs. Boy, you would never see half of those jokes fly by today’s standards.

      Kind of surprised to see Escaflowne. Wish I was more nostalgic for the series. I remember watching a few episodes, but I never got into it until years later.

      • Raiden

        I actually think the sequel, Mewtwo Returns is a much better movie. It actually has a half decent plot, and gives Mewtwo a semi-decent character arc.

        and it doesn’t make Ash Pokemon Jesus!

        • Leonardo Farias

          You should go watch thejapanese version to forget the mistakes of the dub

    • ChefM80

      The leap in logic of mewtwo’s pokeballs being able to capture pokeballs isn’t as far as you would think. In one episode of the original series they show that pokeballs can capture things besides pokemon like a riceball. If anything this goes to show how inept team rocket is as a whole. If they have the technology to make balls like these why not capture trainer’s pokemon before they can even summon them?

      Are you going to slide in a few clips from HBI2K’s Escaflowne Abridged?

      • Leonardo Farias

        Wasn´t this Mewtwo´s technology

        • ChefM80

          It was but like I said it’s been demonstrated that regular pokeballs can capture more than pokemon. Also the balls he uses kind of look like the ones the team rocket guy uses in pokemon 4ever.

    • Raiden

      Escaflowne is not a kids anime! Well. . .unless you count the butchered to bits Fox kids edit/dub, but we don’t talk about that.

    • tasti man LH

      Well, Sage taking the perspective of a lapsed fan was the only thing Sage COULD do considering Doug and
      Suede/Linkara/JewWario had already thoroughly covered the opposite ends
      of the fandom spectrum (the “not a fan” and “huge fans since the beginning” sides).

      Speaking of which, I went back to rewatch the old NC reviews and Suede’s review…

      HO BOY NC’s review: you can tell it’s one of his earlier reviews. It’s
      stupidly short (over 12 minutes) the review is very disorganized, and NC
      kinda just breezes through the movie until he gets to the second half.

      (and amusingly, the NC Pokemon and Digimon reviews have yet to be officially uploaded to YT)

      That said, Sage DOES cover a couple of details and criticisms not covered by the previous two reviews:

      -The beginning segments of the movie with Mewtwo and the lab blowing up,
      Mewtwo’s time with Team Rocket, Ash’s opening battle with not-Team Aqua
      grunt, and the scene at the water port. In comparison to NC’s and
      Suede/Linkara/JewWario’s review, they kind of skipped through those

      -The blue-haired dock supervisor and her…weirdly esoteric-sounding
      speech that sounds more at home in Pokemon 2000 then it does in this

      -One of the trainers that flew off into the storm never being seen again, which would mean that trainer died at sea…

      -The three trainers that made it to Mewtwo’s island not only being
      superfluous to the plot but not even being named directly in the movie.

      -The #NoExplanations of Mewtwo’s Clone Balls apparently able to capture PokeBalls.

      (although I’m sticking to my head-canon of the tech behind Snag Balls
      from the Pokemon Colosseum games being based on the Clone Balls from
      this movie)

      But…he does retread the same ground that the last two reviews did.

      -Mewtwo’s motivation and plan being confusing at best, contradictory and hypocritical at worst.

      -The Fucking Phoenix Tears.

      -The memory wipe that makes the whole movie irrelevant.

      -The inaccurate Pokemon names.

      It’s to be expected, but oh well.

    • Ab De

      pokemon was my best anime when I was a kid, that was funny
      hahaha I think it was about 276 episodes