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    Sage vs. Wonder Woman

     Jun 2 2017 | more 

    A legit good DC Universe movie? Will wonders ever cease?

    • Real_Kurvos

      “Since The Dark Knight”? Uhm, what? You, Sage, you who’s always so harsh on movies… you think The Dark Knight was good? How ironic, because I think Nolan’s Batman trilogy in general is overrated crap written by one of the most incompetent idiots ever (David S. Goyer). I could write a whole book about all my problems with The Dark Knight.

    • penguintruth

      I liked Man of Steel, personally. It had it’s flaws, to be sure, but I think I enjoy it more than previous Superman movies, even the original two (the first Superman movie had almost no plot). And I even liked *aspects* of BvS, though Lex Luthor’s plan was ridiculous, even for him. But now I’m definitely starting to look forward to seeing WW, which I didn’t have much expectations for. Maybe the DC movie universe has a better future with different directors.