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    The only thing “special” about this Christmas Special is how especially boring it is.

    • Ilian Todorov

      Well I love Rumiko Tkahashis works, she can write pretty dark stuff too, such as the Mermaid saga. Ranma 1/2, with my main gripe being too repetitive, is my third favorite series written by her, with my favorite been Maison Ikkoku and my second favorite Urusei yatsura, and Inuyasha being dead last waaaaay behind the new ongoing series RIn-ne and the various shorts stories.

    • ChefM80

      Rumiko’s work is prime material in a little game my facebook friends and I partake in where you describe an anime using the most disturbing imagery possible.

      I keep forgetting the song they sing is a dub of one of the series ending theme songs. Why did you not let it play to the ultimate cringeworthy part where an under age girl sings the line “Just for you I’ll get on my knees”?

      I’m a little surprised they didn’t use that horrible dubbed version on the VHS releases (which I own almost the entire run from Digital Dojo to Outta Control). If you ever want to do a review of season one and have the abiliy to capture from VHS I will gladly donate. They came in these hard white boxes with little inserts that are supposed to be their school newspaper that contain hilarious articles of the many atrocities the characters commit.

    • Jiryn

      I thought Rumiko had created 4 series that are timeless… though as you said Inu Yasha got a bit long in the tooth.
      Maison Ikkoku, Urusei Yatsura (Lum), Ranma 1/3, and Inu Yasha.
      I’ve honestly read and watched through the entire series of the later three.

      Also more fun, Inu Yasha himself was based around the way Kappei Yamaguchi portrayed and voiced Ranma in the anime. To the point that when Inu Yasha was finally adapted INTO an anime, it was under the condition that Kappei Yamaguchi plays the titular character.

    • Shayne Forgie

      Two questions:

      1) How did old Gabe get his eye back?

      2) Is it tradition by this point for reviewers to have an elderly version of themselves?

    • Raiden

      I knew it was only a matter of time before bennet reviewed Ranma 1/2. Alright baby, LET’S DO THIS!

    • KumaNur

      Old man sage! Old man sage! Can I have a Worthers Orignial Candy Old man sage?

    • jesternario

      Is it bad that I use this series as my Anime shopping list?

    • Cameron Ward

      Kind of funny how this ending of the review is ruined by it being late

    • Liezl Bohnen

      Uggggggghhhhh. *rubs temples* You know… the Mermaid Saga manga has tricked me into thinking I like Rumiko’s work but fuuuuuuck meeeeeee.
      Everything I hate about romcom anime….. EVERYTHING I HAT about Romcom anime… Aaaalllll comes from Ranma 1/2.

      Can we take a secound to just point out that everything that made Love Hina awful has its roots in Ranma? Like… ALL of it?

      I remember a friend lending me the first 5 seasons of this show, saying how it was the funniest anime they’d ever seen, and me being on board for maybe the first season due to the nice animation and character designs… and by season 3 I realised what it was I was watching. a “will they won’t they” anime that goes on for literally HUNDREDS of episodes where no character progression is made at all so to hold your interest merely MORE female characters are introduced while never actually affecting the main 2 characters and you realise you’re just gonna get cock-teased the entire show as to whether these two idiots will get together but will NEVER get a result until possibly the end of the show and they actually address this in an OVA released after the fact or something.

      Nothing HAPPENS. Nothing GOES anywhere. it’s just 2 immature assholes, an endless stream of MORE female characters (and male characters ) who are ALSO immature assholes, nobody communicates or just fucking TALKS to each other causing problems that were COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE) and nothing ever CHANGES. And all the girls are these hyper violent shrews who complain and bitch but never do anything proactive or figure their shit out and expect the emotionally retarded (and no that’s not an insult, I’m using the technical term there) to figure out what they’re thinking and feeling BY MAGIC and then get pissed off when they don’t!!! “Weeeeh! You don’t understand girls at all Ranma! *storms off* ”

      Do you know one of the reasons I don’t mind the romance in Sailor Moon? Because after the first season THEY GET TOGETHER. and the resulting seasons are about their relationship GETTING STRONGER. And their conflicts are always resolved by TALKING TO EACH OTHER.

      Holy fuck!!!!!

      *sigh* sorry but this review… just brought back a lot of suppressed memories and frustrations and I FUCKING HATE THIS SHOW. And I hate absolutely every single character in it!!!!
      and it’s awful because I honestly like its visual style a LOT. As well as its character design.

      I’m gonna go lie down.