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    You’d be surprised when Michael Bay actually cares about what he’s directing, but let’s not go overboard.

    • hariman

      Sad thing is, there are people who don’t even know that there was any combat during Benghazi.

    • Eucratides_Megas

      I don’t think Michael Bay has any more of a military hard-on than say…Steven Spielberg. It’s just he lacks the depth of characterization and that eye for those more intimate, less action hero-ey moments in the experience of a soldier that Spielberg captured right along with all the heroism, skill and tenacity.

      To be honest this movie is great simply for telling people about the giant FUBAR that was Benghazi and its inconvenient counter to the stupid narrative peddled by our SecState at the time. The entire government and both parties are rotten top to bottom, right to left and all ought to be fired into the sun in a giant electoral fuck you…but the sheer chutzpah of trying to shift blame and sanitize a case of Americans being fucked over by their own inept government while trying to do something so basic and necessary as maintaining a diplomatic consulate is infuriating.

      Other than that, its Michael Bay, he’s just not all that bright. He can make things look good, he just can’t explain them nor restrain his idiot hand in the editing room.