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    This month’s Nuts & Bolts starts with Ayane’s High Kick. Find out why this is one of Sage’s favorite episodes, and why The Engineer hates it.

    • Landusk79

      I just Love it how Ben just loving this review and Marc just hate it, I would Love a part to hear More talk about how Marc groan and sigh and say “Fine We put it in!” Just hearing him now like Music to my hear and sound it would be fun see how it made live XD

    • Issun86

      Is pro wrestling big in Japan? I don’t know much about wrestling here and even less about its international popularity.

      • Will Bertazzo

        pro wrestling is HUGE in Japan. Just google the NJPW and tiger mask, I promise it’ll be an interesting read.

    • zakedodead

      What’s with the stereo audio? I leave one ear open most of the time and thought my headphones were broken

    • Yup, I was super into wrestling as a kid. And no, not just because my brothers were. Hell, half the time I watched it more than them for awhile.

      As for the character not knowing she was training to be a kick boxer? Yeah, that is seriously stupid, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some idiots have made other idiots do similar “nothing to do with wrestling” things to try and make people gimmick famous.

      I was unaware in the review-niverse that Gabe lived in the park. I’m guessing it was established in an ep I’ve not watched for one reason or another.

    • Turcano

      If I remember correctly, the Saturday morning show was Heat, and it was pretty lousy; it was the sort of show that you only watched because you didn’t have cable.

    • hariman

      *Chuckles.* As someone who knows the guy who sent those copies of Ayane’s High Kick, I can say with surety that he’s just happy that you reviewed this anime. I still find your reaction to him sending both the DVD and VHS hilarious. 😀

      This was also an enjoyable Nuts and Bolts, and… oh my. An Ultimate Muscle review. That’s kind of… ludicrous, so I expect lots of random wresting references, and possibly a Spoony cameo or 4, if he’s up for it.