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    Sage vs. Pompeii

     Feb 23 2014 | more 

    Ever wonder what you’d get if you crossed Dante’s Peak with Gladiator? Me neither.

    • PLBMartel

      Not here to jump down your throat this time, I promise! Glad to know this is the kind of schlock I could enjoy. Oh, Kiefer Sutherland is in this, fuck yeah!

    • Josh

      I would have payed attention to the review, but Sage’s shirt was distracting!

    • Kiefer Sutherland was weird in this.

    • Bradley

      nice a Mezzo shirt, recently watched the short anime series and its quite fun.. as far as this movie goes…i think my lady will be sad its more about gladiators then the volcano, she loves disaster movies

    • MacNillus

      Sages friend start to look like Bandit Keith now. He need a flag on his head!

    • JillyBean

      I think I’ll save this movie for when it comes out for rental instead. It seems like the movie I’d enjoy more if slightly intoxicated and amongst friends who I can mock it with.

      Also I’m seconding the notion that your friend looks like Bandit Keith. Just needs some sun glasses.