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    Nuts & Bolts: Speed Racer

     Mar 14 2017 | more 

    A month of commentaries commences with a look back at the Fifth Anniversary Special, Speed Racer. Featuring Doug Walker.

    • Neon

      Seeing Gabe do that makes me love him even more. He deserves to be in a Nuts&Bolts. #TeamGabe

    • Bradley

      I loved Swat Katz! But always fun seeing a new nuts n bolts

    • TerminalSanity

      The Engineer was a Swat Kats fan? well now i have to know is he Team T-Bone or Team Razor? I’m thinking team Razor since he made all the gadgets

    • Raiden

      I hope you guys do eventually get around to reviewing the Fist Of The North Star, and KITE eventually. But priorities first. If the live action GITS movie sucks you and Doug MUST make a review to take it down.