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    Sage vs. Jersey Boys

     Jun 21 2014 | more 

    After an extended hiatus, Sage is back to talk about Frankie Valli, the Four Seasons, and bad Christopher Walken impressions.

    • BigGator5

      Why couldn’t you review Edge Of Tomorrow?

      • Orion Burns

        Because he was in Scotland.

        • BigGator5

          I didn’t ask him where he was, I asked why he didn’t do Edge Of Tomorrow. Is there some kind of written law that says he only has to do new releases?

          • Orion Burns

            I believe that’s the general idea.

    • MrWizard0022

      Yeah, I know nobody asked and it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but this movie was based on a broadway musical of the same name, and in that musical, every one of the bad members gets a turn as the fourth-wall-breaking narrator. In a stage show, it kind of makes sense and works as a framing device, but when I saw the trailers for this movie and saw that they were keeping the narration feature, it seemed weird and out of place, and like the movie would be made worse because of it. Sounds like it was…