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    A good enough movie, with the worst audience in the history of Sage Vs. (SPOILERS!)

    • Malitia

      Despite the several minutes of complaining about the Black Panther you somehow missed the most basic thing about the character. Namely the Black Panther is the King of Wakanda.

    • Corey Mcintyre

      I love Gabe, and I too share his Scarlett infatuation 😉

    • Turbo Puns

      Zemo wasn’t a farmer. He was a member of Sokovia’s elite paramilitary unit, and even if Cap signed the accords he still would have been quite easily torn over Bucky, because remember, the orders were to kill Bucky on sight, even if Bucky tries to give himself up they’d have to kill him.

      • TerminalSanity

        They still could turned him over alive at the airport they given a chance to do but they said “F_ck that because we would rather beat the sh!t out our friends and risk half the team becoming criminals and let the bad guy win instead turning one friend in (who needed to be put away)and then talking it out (which have totally worked btw Tony really didn’t needed a whole of convincing) in who at the end of the film essentially favored confinement anyway.

        • Godmars

          Except Bucky wasn’t the issue. The threat posed by the other Winter Soldiers were. And because of the situation as presented, by the time they had sat and hashed things out a whole squad of super soldiers would have been in the wind.

          • TerminalSanity

            A threat that would have been much easier to deal with more than just Cap and Bucky. Moreover like I said Tony already didn’t need a whole lot of convincing at that point even after Rhodey got hurt he was convinced a few hours later and joined up with Cap and Bucky anyway before they confronted Zemo. It was just glaringly bad writing. Not turning Bucky in at the airport was just a plain stupid call as presented: it only made the goal of ending the threat of the winter soldiers that much tenuous and got most of Cap’s team captured and Rodey crippled and that’s without taking into account the fact the winter Soldiers proved to be a total non-threat.
            Honestly they should have ditched Zemo altogether and just make the conflict about the signing the accords or not it would have been a better movie for it.

    • Alexa

      All I can say is that you don’t have to see these movies. Honestly even though I love them, I get the fatigue of them. But for me I am way too invested in Cap, Bucky, Tony, Vision, Ant-Man (which I’m still surprised by) Scarlet Witch and just the general trajectory of this universe to let go personally. But again I get the fatigue and I wouldn’t blame you if you just didn’t want to watch another Marvel film again.

      Honestly I kind of wished that DC didn’t royally fuck up like they did with BvS, then I could take break from Marvel and obsess over what’s happening with DC film wise, but honestly I do not care whatsoever at this point, it turned out that bad. As for this film, loved it ton, it gave me more of Bucky and Cap doing their thing with some amazing action and extremely emotional moments, which is part of why I keep coming back for more. But again I can’t really do much if you’re having Marvel fatigue, doesn’t make it bad movie but I understand you being meh about it if you’re experiencing such…

    • Joey Ray

      #SageHatesEverything ;D

      • TerminalSanity

        He didn’t hate its that this was very AoU: forced to the point of being somewhat disengaging. And it didn’t have to be like that especially since aside from Black Panther and Spiderman it wasn’t really pushing any upcoming movies. Zemo was a complete nothing villain who plan pretty relied entire on the Avengers kind of acting like idiots.

        • Joey Ray

          I know that, I was merely teasing thus the wink in the smiley face. Text doesn’t covey sarcasm too well especially in one sentence

    • Diarra Harris

      If you have fatigued then stop seeing the films. Easy Peasy. Problem solved. Remember no ones forcing you to see them.

    • The Dark Prince

      I fucking loved this movie. It’s unfortunate you guys didn’t enjoy as much. Oh well. Can’t please everybody.

    • Godmars

      Can only guess that because you had issues with the audience that you missed many of the subtle points. Like the main bad guy not just being a simple farmer. Rather he was elite special forces who was no where near the town during Age of Ultron.