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    Sage vs. Ghostbusters

     Jul 15 2016 | more 

    The only movie so far this year that NEEDED to be better.

    • TerminalSanity

      Hmmm and I just thought this was going to be just another cynical uninspired mediocre remake with no reason to exist that just happens to have an all-Women lead cast. The idea that its flat out awful is depressing.

      Paul Fieg should have just stuck to his initial thoughts on the project and passed on it because clearly he didn’t know what to do with a Ghostbusters film. Its seems like he legitimately assumed that: “I like working with funny women and have had great success doing so, so if the cast is all funny women things should just fall into place from there” and that line of thought totally didn’t pan out at all.

    • Joey Ray

      Help us Uncle Yo, you are our only hope

    • Dave

      Actually the average rating of all reviews (6.5) is less than the tomatometer rating. More interestingly, the reviews by top critics (58%) confirm the opinion of the general audience (57%).

      • TerminalSanity

        RT has always been dodgy on registering mediocre scores as rotten or fresh. There seems to be no rhyme or reason what scores of 6-7.5/D-C+/2-3 stars will be registered as.

    • Alonzo Tompkins

      Apparently Sony would to sue Bill if he didn’t cameo.

      • Eucratides_Megas

        He paid them back by not even trying though. And he got a paycheck. Sony and its legion of smear-artists be damned, but Bill Murray got the last laugh.

    • Eucratides_Megas

      I can take a differing point of view when its argued from a genuine thought or feeling. If a person believes differently that’s fine.

      But this whole thing and the largely manufactured controversy over it feels so cynical and trashy I have lost all respect for the brand and the people involved. They could have tried and failed just like the mountain of other remakes, reboots and cash grabs. That would have just made it one more forgettable entry in a long, long series of those attempts.

      Sony did not try and fail. They failed and called me a misogynist to mitigate their losses. There was no genuine feeling of outrage, no misunderstanding of ideas or simple differences of taste. They engineered a smear campaign against the people who would have gladly gone to see this movie regardless of casting if it were GOOD.

      It was not, therefore they did not. This was sleazy. This was exploitative.

      Sony deserves to fold for this.