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    Sage vs. Divergent

     Mar 23 2014 | more 

    In a super-sized edition of Sage vs., Sage and Gabe break out the 15 year old scotch and vent on an improbably worse film than last week’s.

    • Jose Rivera

      I haven’t watched the movie, but I read some of the book and it was shit. I couldn’t finish it. It just didn’t make sense to me. A dystopia for the sake of a dystopia. A poor attempt to cash in on YA’s readers current tastes. It just wasn’t believable that a bunch of people would willingly decide to separate themselves into groups devoted to one trait or emotion. There’s is no situation I can imagine that would realistically lead people into thinking this is a good idea or a solution to whatever (apocalyptic) problem they were facing.

    • hariman

      Which is worse: A Tyler Perry Movie that IS shit because it’s aiming to be shit, or a young teen movie that tries to be something and ends up being shit. Either way, it’s a bad movie. Both deserve scorn. Especially Tyler Perry. Because his movies try to be shit, and I hate that in a work most of the time. Even when it’s a parody, being shit can be bad.

      Just look at Spaceballs. It doesn’t hold up anymore because the Star Wars Prequels did everything that Spaceballs did. Only worse.

      • Orzene

        That depends on how much you care that the “prequels” brought the original trilogy down. I still think Mel Brooks is a great comedic writer, and is one of the reasons why Space Balls still holds up, even if that style of humor isn’t quite ‘in-line’ with today’s humor.

        • hariman

          Well, it’s more of the fact that all the jokes about bad writing, excessive merchandising, and the silliness factor in Spaceballs is out done by the Prequels’ bad writing, excessive merchandising, and ridiculously bad dialog.

          I’d still rather watch Spaceballs than the Prequels though, and I admit that Spaceballs is still far better than most of today’s comedy movies.

          • Orzene

            lol That is true.. who knew the source material could take what Space Balls did, wrench it up all those qualities by a factor or 20, and be a complete failure in the eyes of the people who loved the originals, as well as those who watch and appreciate the art of movie making in general.

            But that’s a tired rant. I’ve never watched a Tyler Perry movie, and Divergent looked AND sounded as stupid as this review made it out to be, and I’m all too happy to never see either.

    • Viewer32145

      The book and movie might’ve not been well written/directed/acted, etc., but I can see what they were trying to say and do in spirit: It’s the concept that we sacrifice liberty for security, and that people are victimized by that way of thinking. There is no such thing as absolute security. If you want to live a completely safe existence, then I recommend checking yourself into a maximum security prison; they don’t let you out of your cell, and they don’t let anyone else in your cell. ABSOLUTE SECURITY!

    • Paradox04

      i thought that the book was decent, not anything to write home about, but from what you said about this makes it sound like its not worth my time, which the ending act of the sequel was.

    • Paradox04

      yeah, from what you guy’s said, this movie is nothing at all like the book, like the exposition dumps you guy’s talk about most of the time never happen, and fighting style in the book, does not match anything you guy’s talked about.

    • darkmage0707077

      As terrible as Single Mom’s Club sounds, you could at least say that the movie seemed to deliver for the audience it was made for. Granted, it says a lot about the people who enjoyed the movie that you probably don’t want to think about, but as you mentioned, you’re not the target audience, and it sounds like it was entertaining for that audience. So as terrible a movie as it is, it did its core job of entertaining the target audience.

      Divergent, though? This movie sounds like a sci-fi flick. You guys strike me as people who enjoy sci-fi (no idea why…), ergo, this movie was targeted at you guys directly, so you should have had a much easier time finding something good about it to say. But you can’t. So, from my point of view, this movie did NOT do its core job of entertaining its core audience.

      As such, from as objective a point of view as I can stand, Divergent is the worse movie of the two. Not only is it a piece of shit in every respect, it can’t even entertain those who should be most entertained by it.