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    Sage vs. Deadpool

     Feb 12 2016 | more 

    Now that Deadpool is out, we might finally get our Youngblood film!

    • MrWizard0022

      Gabe’s like “In comic book movies and TV shows, when was the last time they invented a new character instead of just using an old one?” while wearing a Harley Quinn t-shirt, lol.

    • penguintruth

      Psh. You didn’t fool me for a minute (just 40 seconds or so). Really looking forward to going to see this, I’ve been a Deadpool fan since the Joe Kelly run, the greatest Deadpool run of all time (though recently he was restored to glory from that awful dark age of Daniel Way). I want to see T-Ray in the sequel. And Siryn. And Bullseye… oh, right. Well, still, T-Ray and Siryn.

    • Joey Ray

      Ya got me you son’s-a-bitches -.-
      well played

    • Patrick Bondurant

      Well south of Gondor and depending on how far east of Rohan you are would either put you in the ocean, South Gondor, Umbar, or the Harad lands. Now you know.

    • Animikean

      Deadpool got the name from Slade Wilson, the costume from Spiderman, and the insanity/cosmic awareness from Ambush Bug (my theory)

    • Alexa

      Gabe I love your Harley Quinn shirt. Also yes this movie was the fucking best! ^_^

    • Malitia

      So I take it, Gabe doesn’t read much comics. I mean new characters aren’t exactly rare. Almost every run of every series introduces some (most never to be seen again after that particular story ended but some stick around for better or worse).

    • digitalwarriors

      Didn’t fool me. Keep skiping ahead till I found the real review. Seriously every 30 seconds I’m like “how long they gonna keep this bit going”. Four min in wow guys that’s commitment. Saw it myself arrived an hour early and got the last ticket. I didn’t even try to arrive a hour early. Gues I got lucky.

    • tasti man LH

      Went a bit long in there with the gag at the beginning, but oh well.

      Also, with the digression at the end about the other superhero movies of 2016 at first I was like: “Wait, but Mavel’s putting out stuff too, why are they only talking about BvS and Suicide Sq-”

      …which then I was like “OH RIGHT, Ben (and I guess by association Gabe) have sworn off of watching the other MCU films from this point onwards.”