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    Sage vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

     Feb 16 2015 | more 

    He’s a crack baby, foo’!

    • R. Butler

      Going up February 16th?!
      Sage is time traveling now! All he needs is a DeLorean and an Einstein impersonator and he’s good to go! (nothing to say about the movie – predicting it blows anyway).

    • hariman

      “50 shades of shit.” That’s enough of a review for me! It’s confirmation of all that I already knew.

      • R. Butler

        Still gonna sit through some of it (the review, I mean — God forbid I actually carry a ticket stub for this schlock) for nicety’s sake.

        • hariman

          I salute you. I honestly just don’t want to bother with 50 Shades of Bad Fanfic, so I’m not going to watch the reviews either.

          But, I will be re-watching episodes of Super Toolshed instead. 😉

    • gakusangi

      I love hearing about this story/film from people that actually practice BDSM in their relationships, they either get offended by it or they find it ridiculously hilarious.

    • slayride

      I offered my girlfriend one time only good today chance to watch this on Valentine’s Day in theaters and she said no but then wanted to watch Jupiter Ascending (until she saw the 22 on Rotten Tomatoes heh). A massive blizzard stopped us from going to the theater at all (but by this point we had decided upon Kingsman, and us not making it did suck since that movie seems to be amazing). But the roads in Ohio were so bad that the salt/plow trucks themselves got called off the road after one of them flipped. So probably a good call to stay off the road for a frivolous thing like going to the movies.

    • birdy the critic

      Why Sage? WHY? NO ONE thought this would be good. Why didn’t you go see the Kingsman? That looks like it’s a great movie (haven’t seen it yet, remedying that tomorrow). There is no reason you had to subject yourself to a 2 hour boring torture fest.

    • ChefM80

      I posted this on the youtube page but wanted to post it here too. If anyone has any questions I don’t mind answering.

      Secretary is a very good movie however not all bdsm relationships are micro managed like that. Another good movie is The Pet but it takes a very dark turn in the end. I haven’t seen the 50 shades movie and I don’t plan to but my wife and I read the book(well I only read the first and she read all 3) and I hated it. It paints kinksters in the worst possible light. Its frustrating to read and I can’t imagine having to sit through a visual representation.
      The author at one point openly admits to knowing nothing about BDSM and basing the character of Christian Grey and all the kinky stuff on a psychological study of a person who identified as a Dom. In the lifestyle it is not uncommon for a Dom to start out as or at some point take on a sub role to experience it.
      I am apart of the lifestyle and 99% of my local community hate this movie for how it portrays us and how its ultimately the general public’s first impression of bdsm and how if they don’t do any research a lot of people will end up getting hurt (physically and emotionally) trying to live the book.

    • Morhek

      If you guys were planning to see Insurgent, then you can at least be reassured that it’s better than Divergent.
      Don’t get me wrong, it’s still really stupid, and things don’t make sense, but it’s not as much of a fucking boring SLOG as Divergent was.

    • You stopped doing these? Awww.