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    Sage vs. Gods of Egypt

     Feb 27 2016 | more 

    Probably the most insulting movie that Gabe has seen in theaters. Sage didn’t like it much either.

    • ravenstromdans

      I’d be astonished that anyone thought this movie would be anything but a shit-show after seeing the trailers and the casting. It’s not remotely surprising to me that the writers (and presumably also the producers and director) insultingly believe that an American audience would have no idea what Egyptians and Egyptian mythology should look like or should entail.

      Fuck this movie. I’m not going to insult myself by giving this movie my money to further insult my intelligence and education.

    • Black Doug

      What’s the over/under on this making less money than Pan?

    • Landusk79

      Blood of gold, I mean really I remember that line “Gods Don’t bleed” And there that question Dose a god bleed? if so is it gold and why? not like it be blood Life or some thing else.

    • Eld One-Eyed

      I assume you mean the shitty new Clash of the Titans, because the old one from a long time ago was amazing for its time and had real heart. They should never have remade it.

    • Eddie Burke

      First off…
      Spot-on review. The film butchered the mythology it’s based on. Which is why I can’t get upset over the whitewashed cast. Take this script and these effects. Are either made better with racially appropriate casting? No. The film would have still sucked.

      One thing said here did bug me though. Gabe’s insistence that it’s “shit” that Isis had to conceive a son to fight Set and avenge Osiris. Does that reek of sexism by modern standards? Absolutely. Was it entirely culturally appropriate when these myths were formulated? Yes. It’s called historical context. It’s a concept you have to master at the undergrad level of historical scholarship.
      It’s not “shit” that a primitive society just barely out of the hunter-gatherer stage (predynastic Egypt) would cultivate myths that reinforce traditional gender roles. That’s. How. Things. Were. Back. Then. That doesn’t make it right, or something to strive for. It just is. And you absolutely cannot apply modern sensibilities to a society like that. It’s disingenuous from an academic point of view.