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    Sage vs. Tammy

     Jul 6 2014 | more 

    Gabe finally loses what is left of his mind after sitting through a just plain awful comedy, Tammy.

    • Original_Outcast

      I never really saw Melissa McCarthy as a “Female Chris Farley” but a “Female Kevin James.” They both Shamelessly Humiliate themselves with their own weight for a laugh and get paid for it regardless of how terrible the story & characters they portray are…

    • Icaras

      I actually sat through Neighbors (Bad Neighbors as it’s known here in Australia, probably due to a local horrendous soap opera we have here that’s called Neighbors) and I regret that highly, I hated that movie so much (I quite despise Seth Rogan, but…the trailer tricked me.I really should know better when it comes to comedy trailers by now…)

      For the same reason, I was temped to watch this movie as I found the trailer vaguely amusing…but having been burned badly by Neighbors, I wasn’t prepared to take a risk. Based on online reviews I’ve watched so far, and this video, I’m pleased with my decision.

    • rdempstar

      Maybe it’s because my parents had shown me videos of enjoyable comedies like Young Frankenstein, or The Russians are Coming The Russians are Coming (in an MST3K sort of way) but for me, the comedy genre is just outright dead. I don’t go out to the movies that often, but the most recent half way decent comedy I’ve seen is when I took my little brothers to see the first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Even then I was gritting my teeth for the vast majority of it.

    • Josh

      You know a movie is bad when the dolphin puppet is taken out.

    • Jegsimmons

      You could have watched How To Train your Dragon 2.

      it gave me good feels, and it was nice touch.

    • Alexa

      Ok Melissa McCarthy was actually really funny in Bridesmaids, and I heard also in The Heat. She just happened to star in a bad movie, same thing happened to Chris Farley. It really depends on the material.

    • johnnybrunoise

      … are these two dating?

    • apartment906

      Are you guys like, you know… a couple? Because if so, that’s frickin’ adorable and I want more, uh assists from Gabe!

      • DarkVeghetta

        Nope, they’re just old friends.

    • Philip-Michel Noel

      Hoping that the main actress gets in on a better script. She seems relatively funny to me.

    • NeroAngelo

      ok, a bit of advice for the next bad comedy . . . bring BOOZE