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    Ahh, you getting that? That new Daily Show host smell? The boys chat Trevor Noah, their growing up with Comedy Central’s late night lineups, new-new retro TV, and the usual smattering of “what the hell is wrong with people?”

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    • Jegsimmons

      sarah silverman’s point about “college crowd tends to be on the right side of history” is really a logical fallacy. (And wrong, the college crowd is usually the single dumbest crowd in history.)
      It seems more like an excuse to bend over backwards for a majority to appeal to a minority as opposed for going the south park “fag” route and just separating the word from being associated with that minority.

      There was a breif moment in the 200xs where everyone seemed to have successfully separate the word “fag” from having to do with gay people and having to do with someone who was an obnoxious prick.

      Then because of the mentality Silverman (who i hate) has it somehow started becoming a huge shit storm and now no one can say it without being a “bigot” anymore even though we had the word no longer associated with that demographic.

      Its like the words retard, idiot, imbecile, ect Words that were originally associated with the mentally challenged but now are used to insult people who do things that are fucking stupid.
      And every time those fucking retarded “Ban the R word” get on tv and make commercials they’re not helping anything they’re merely trying to re-associate an insult to the mentally challenged which is DIRECTLY more insulting and harmful then letting the masses just have the word “retard”.

      And its never in the name of trying to help a marginalized demographic. It never is, its just a knee jerk reaction so those people can feel like they did something good when all they did is create censorship and contempt and re-associate a negative word with the said demographic.

      Another example is like the word “nigger” which unlike the above words is a straight up heinous hate filled word……But with you can still have fun with it. What do i mean? Part of ending hate is to mock and satirize the hate, not censor it. Its can be like a satire like huck finn where the word is so casually thrown around and is used to mock and ridicule slavery, or it can be a joke or play on the “THATS OUR WORD!” crowd like that recent sketch video where a white guy hires a black guy to say “Nigga” for him when he’s talking to a black guy asking for his money back. And its hilarious and no one is offended because they poked fun at the whole concept and depowered the hate of the word by use of humor.

      Like cursing these offensive words only have power when you make them have power by treating them as forbidden never to be spoken words. But allow it to be mocked, and used humorously or allow the natural progression of the “rose of any other name” scenario you remove any power that word has over people.

      So i absolutely reject what sarah silverman says, its a dangerous and overly submissive line of thought that i feel is the excuse to silence the brilliance of the individual saying “the emperor has no clothes” or to break the mold.

    • Jegsimmons

      On Trevor Noah, i think he’s a funny guy with good delivery and good presence…..but like john stewart or john oliver, neither of whom i honestly care for, i think the show just isnt very clever and like always has biased writting.
      Yeah it hits a few good notes, but the typical notes the daily show always hits feel tired and old and just sort of eye rolling.

      It might get better, but honestly i thought the daily show with jon stewart wasnt even that good.

      I dont think it has much to do with him being black, i think it’ll be more that he’s new and fresh but the material and style will be noticed as not new and fresh.

      But what the fuck do i know? im just one schmuck on the web.

      • ANNONNY

        There was a few times in those first few episodes where I had to turn on subtitles because it was hard to understand Noah..

        But yeah, really not feeling the changes and stopped watching it..

    • TerminalSanity

      Trevor Noah seems to be doing well enough but with as big of shoes he has to fill its hard say if people will ultimately give him a fair shot.

      The Seinfeld Business is just the sign of times there’s just no place for a inoffensive non-confrontation comedian like Jerry Seinfeld anymore because there is no longer a way to be completely inoffensive so every working comedian has to be at least a little confrontational. That’s just how it is these days and Jerry really isn’t a comedian equipped for being confrontational its not his style and never will be at this point. Especially considering that a person taking Jerry Seinfeld to task for not being PC isn’t going to be a very reasonable person to begin with. I mean I know its hard to imagine Jerry getting taken to task for that but Mark is right that’s just where we’re at. From my own personal experience I recently a had conversation with someone in passing where of all things they mentioned they thought Lex Luthor in the Superman the animated series from the mid 90’s was black(his design was actually in fact based off of Telly Savalas) to which I stated I never thought was the case because the character design didn’t really have African facial features to which the took great offense to because “African facial features” was not PC in their eyes which left me being a half-black man with a complexion like Conan O’Brien and decidedly “African facial features” flabbergasted. I literally could not speak to a truth in passing literally as plain as the nose on my face without offending someone who was unwittingly being offended at me ostensibly for me. Honestly its seems to me more and more you have less and less of legitimate discussion of social issues and more instances of where the loudest and dumbest progressives and conservatives in the room try and talk over one another in an effort to end all discussion to be while drowning out everyone else in the process.

    • Christian Neihart

      This is probably the best podcast I have heard from you guys. I’m going to download this.

      • Nick Napier


    • Nick Napier

      I love Daria, but I dunno if I’d be for a TV film revival for it. “Is it College Yet” provided what I thought was a perfect end for the show, and as much as I’d like to see a definitive look at what those characters’ lives are like in this decade, I don’t think it’d be as good of a finishing point for them as “Is it College Yet” was.

    • MrInsecure

      On the topic of “bragging about anonymous charity:”

      There was a study done a while back (can’t find it right now because fuck it’s late) about how people tend to view morality. In short, humans tend to have a moral “balance” in their heads, where a certain amount of good/selfless deeds “balances out” a certain amount of bad/selfish deeds.

      This is why the most self-righteous people are also often jackasses: they count a whole bunch of basic activities (that may or may not actually help people) as ‘good deeds’ which then justify dickish behavior in other areas of their lives. Going to church justifies ignoring your diet; signing a petition for a pet political cause justifies ignoring a homeless man on the street; eating vegan justifies beating up your ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, and so on.

      It’s also why some of the best people are also among the most humble: they don’t “count” the various good deeds in their internal balance (because it’s just shit they’d do anyway), so they don’t feel like they’re owed something by the world, nor do they feel justified in inflicting harm on others. They’re not looking for praise or self-gratification, they’re just doing things they would’ve done anyway.

      • Jegsimmons

        thats very interesting and thought provoking about human hypocrisy and justification.

        Though personally i’ll take any act of charity, cynical or backhanded, over truthful selfishness any day.

    • Nivmarx

      Living in a place that has the middleground between hot in the summer and snowy in the winter I say I still prefer shoveling snow than fucking sweating for 3 months straight.

    • Petsuchan

      Sage, i’m a South African that has been following your reviews since 2011. I have been keeping up with Trevor Noah’s comedy since 2010. I would just like to state that I never would have (in my wildest imaginations) thought that you and Marc would actually be talking about Trevor in any context. This is so surreal for me.

      (Oh and if you need any confirmation; yes there are things Trevor says that are fundamentally more funnier to us South Africans. Especially when he spoke some isiXhosa.)