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    Sage vs. The Equalizer

     Sep 28 2014 | more 

    After an extended hiatus, Sage is back with Gabe and watching some movies. Oh, how Hollywood welcomed them back…

    • Morhek

      What, you didn’t want to see The Maze Runner? Dang, I was hoping you could contrast it with Divergent… 😛

    • slayride

      I saw Maze Runner at the Drive-In Saturday. Terrible teenager novel movie that is boring, blandly acted, badly paced, and terribly shot with both too dark film and shaky cam in action scenes so bad you never even get to really see the mechanical spider scorpions in the Maze. I was sitting there at an hour in like GET ON WITH IT! And its only an hour and 40 minutes.

      To contrast it with Divergent which was boring and blandly acted and paced terrible that it felt like an eternity, at least I could see what was going on in Divergent and I can’t believe I am about to write this, but I actually have to give Divergent the nod here. Of course, its sort of a South Park argument. I.e choosing between two terrible choices is not a real choice.

      Thankfully Let’s Be Cops was funny and I could actually see the film. Which may be a bit of Midnight Screenings effect from seeing a terrible movie that even a mediocre movie after still is uplifting. But it felt a bit like Buddy Cop film TM + a little Super Troopers. Some of the outtakes in the credits are the most funny moments.

    • hariman

      Well, this sounds mediocre.

    • NeroAngelo

      the way you describe that fight with the minion reminds me of Blood & Bone, where we keep getting all of these AWESOME fights where Michael Jai White and Mat Mullins have this epic fight of skilled mixed martial artists, but you still know MJW’s gonna dominate in the end . . . and outright CURBSTOMPS the last fight of the movie

    • Kenab

      There is fuck-tons of good fan-fiction where have you guys been looking no offence of course its just that old joke “bad fan-fiction HAHAHA I’ve never seen a good one” is really demeaning to people who work really hard write and put out good stories on a regular basis