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    Sage vs. Allegiant

     Mar 19 2016 | more 

    The sequel to the worst movie of 2014. There’s no place to go but up.

    • Morhek

      I saw divergent in a Bad Movies stream, where we collectively mocked it. And I was so intrigued that I went to see Insurgent in the theatres just to see how bad it was, and was disappointed that it didn’t reach the abject levels of shit the first one did. Judging from your review, Allegiant is not as bad as Divergent, but slightly worse than Insurgent. And Insurgent was all kinds of stupid. So I’ll wait for the Bad Movies stream of it before I experience it.

    • Reginald Crosbey

      “It won’t be as bad as food fight” yeah, because a 5 page orgy, and some of the worst comedic writing of all time will be a thousand times worse than food fight ever was.