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    Sage vs. Rogue One

     Dec 17 2016 | more 

    Forest Whitaker has a tentacle monster. FOREST WHITAKER HAS A TENTACLE MONSTER!

    • Cameron Ward

      No offense, but it sounds like you both don’t pay attention. Also thinking these kinds of videos aren’t great. It’s not that you can’t have a different opinion, you can not like the film, but sometimes the logic in why you don’t like it. doesn’t make sense to me.

      I feel like I would rather have more Nuts & Bolts than Sage vs, but that’s just me.

    • Jiryn

      I am honestly getting sick and tired of the “Storm Troopers always miss” jokes coming out against Star Wars all the time.
      Did you not see the beginning of New Hope and Empire where the Troopers efficiently and ruthlessly raided and destroyed a Blockcade runner AND the Rebel Base.

      The only reason you see them miss so much is literally “Plot Armor.” Can’t have the main characters maimed, killed or severely damaged because then it would ruin the plot and flow of the film. That’s why the over rated Boba Fett is also relegated to a crap roll as well, next to worthless at the beginning of Jedi.

      It’s the same for every other action franchise, the enemy are efficient killers.. except when the hero or heroes are involved, then they can’t hit literally anything.
      Even Obi-Wan speaks about how efficient Storm Troopers are at the beginning of New Hope, but ugh.. sorry just a pet peeve.

    • TerminalSanity

      They showed why the captain didn’t shoot Jen’s father: he had obvious trepidation about shooting the guy like that going in and then he saw the guy step forward to save the engineers and realized it was a bad call the guy was on the up and up.

    • The Dark Prince

      It seems like you two come up with very nit-picky or contrived reasons to not like movies. I don’t watch too many of these type of videos from you but whenever I do I always notice this. I mean, you can have different opinions on films but this is something else entirely.

    • Spike Prime

      Okay, I don’t disagree with all your criticisms exactly, I mean the characters are far too light on characterisation and are thrust into situation after situation without enough establishment. And, yeah, not following through on some of their supposed plot points is annoying, especially I was annoyed at the fact the mind-raping tentacle monster wrecked that pilot’s mind… for about ten minutes before he was fine. That could’ve and should’ve had more consequences and resolution, as well as Forest Witaker’s whole character being kind of a wasted opportunity in some ways. Also, horrible CGI Tarkin and Leia.

      However, there’s a lot I disagree with too, and some stuff I think you’re just flat-out completely wrong about;

      First, how is this “not a Star Wars movie”? Because the tone’s different? Because it has different characters? What, a franchise isn’t allowed to do something different that still fits in with its world? That’s just plain idiotic, since that’s exactly the kind of closed-minded thinking that led some to claim DS9 didn’t ‘get’ Star Trek and doesn’t belong in the franchise because of its unique storytelling.

      Second, how the fuck does the robot K-2SO have ANYTHING in common with Drax from GotG?
      Drax is stupid, simple-minded, doesn’t understand jokes or sarcasm, brutish and randomly violent.
      K-2SO is a sarcastic, funny, witty, straight-talking, intelligent robot who’s only violent when necessary. Easily he’s the best character out of the movie because he’s GOT the most personality.
      Literally nothing about either of them is anything alike from their personalities, actions or designs. WTF are you even talking about there?

      As for not seeing or giving any examples of the unforgivable things the rebel troopers did, were you even watching the movie? Literally the first scene with Cassian shows him murdering a scared, innocent man in order to escape the guards so he couldn’t give information to the Storm Troopers. We see him about to assassinate Galen (Jyn’s father) and focus in on that quite heavily as something he does frequently. In that scene with the rebel troopers, they do specifically say various things they’ve done in the short time they needed, and get the point across that things in Star Wars aren’t quite as black-and-white as they sometimes appear.

      Again, I don’t disagree with everything you say, but jeez did you nit-pick the crap out of this, and really blow certain things out of proportion.