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    To celebrate Billboard’s Hot 100’s 55th birthday, Sage is counting down the twenty worst (and best) songs to ever reach number one.

    • thatoneguy

      i love when bennet does the music related videos

      ps first

    • Scott Glassmyer

      this guy to bennit

    • Mike Lee

      FYI, Behind Blue Eyes was a cover. Just sayin’ . . .

      • GrouchoVsTheVolcano

        Considering some of the songs that charted were covers, including some featured here, I don’t see your argument

    • loupetron

      Great work! I winced many times throughout this list… So many bad memories. Some I’ve never even heard of, but my gods are they awful…

      Why did you have to play that clip of “I’ll make a man out of you”? I’m going to be singing that for the rest of the week.

    • Josh

      It’s tragic with how many of the more current (I’m using that last word loosely) songs I remember. Creed, Gwen, Chris Brown, and Goodies have been brought back into my mind. Damn you!!!!!!!

      Now I’m just waiting for your top 20 best songs list.

    • Jegsimmons

      damn good list, only issues i had is why people hate creed so much. yah scotts voice aint for everyone, but i always thought they were decent. and they didnt kill rock….nirvana did.

      also, hating on ballad of the green berrets? What!? well, in all fairness the chorus version used the green berets movie was better.

      Other than that (and your incorrect statement about the arizona bill allowing for profiling) i pretty much agree whole heartedly.
      also im kind of pissed the song ‘laffy taffy’ is stuck in my head.

      • Tom

        You do realize Creed came out after Nirvana ended, right?

        • Jegsimmons

          I didnt say they did. also, if you want to get specific, nirvana, was the biggest (and worst) of the grunge bands of that time, so they were mostly responsible for all the grunge, post grunge, butt rock, and lame emocore that came afterwards.
          in fact, id dare say if it was for bands like pantera and the new wave of american heavy metal and the rebirth of skate punk, rock would be mostly gone.

          • Onyx Orinis

            “nirvana, was the biggest (and worst) of the grunge bands of that time” BULLSHIT! I WAS RIGHT, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

            • Jegsimmons

              Calling someone an idiot over an opinion?


              Now go be a prick somewhere else where people give a damn about what you think.

          • Tyler Symes

            Is the pixies even more bad?

          • The Media Monitor

            Nirvana is awesome.

      • DrForrester

        I gave you a like for the comment about Arizona’s immigration bill, but Creed sucks. Borderline-Christian-grunge-ripoff band? Ugh

        • Jegsimmons

          Eh, ill give you that, but ill still retain mark is an awesome guitarist and alterbridge is pretty good.

      • Onyx Orinis

        “i always thought they were decent” Meaning you were always an idiot. “also, hating on ballad of the green berrets? What!?” So what?! It still sucks! “im kind of pissed the song ‘laffy taffy’ is stuck in my head.” Too bad! Deal with it!

        • Jegsimmons

          Wow…..you’re a fucking dick. You know that?

          Seriously, its all opinion, now chill the fuck out, take a chill pill, dont have one then take one of those chill strips…chill.

      • The Media Monitor

        Nirvana is great

    • Joe Straatmann

      I know the category has become something of a barren wasteland most years, but the thing that should stick in your craw about “Glory of Love” the most? Nominated for the Best Song Oscar. That happened.

    • Tanner Bivens

      You know… I like this list and I hate this list.

      1) I like this list because it is a really well thought out and enjoyable video. I may not agree with the placement and there are a few songs I would put on there… But overall a good video.

      2) I hate this list because you reminded me of songs that I had completely forgotten about and now I’m angry that they exist!

      • The Media Monitor

        Both are some good points.

    • Alexa

      Man that music video for I’ve Got My Mind Set on You, was fucking hilarious. Its either one the best or the worst video I have ever seen. As for the song…well while I know its really fucking stupid, some weird and shameful part of me, listens to it from time to time. Its not a good song, by any means, but its kind of a shameful guilty pleasure of mine. But I will admit that it gets pretty fucking annoying quick, so I can only listen to it once in a blue moon.

      But yeah the rest of the list is quite apt and the music video (and the song in general) for Tommy T’s song was also hilarious. But when it comes to choosing which is the worst Four Seasons song, I would go with Walk like a Man, just on the grounds that they play it all the fucking time at my work.

      P.S. The lady from Will to Power kind of looks like Kristen Wiig, in fact that whole video plays out like a Lonely Island sketch, it feels like.

    • Turcano

      Man, you’re right: Ray Stevens does look like Red Green.

    • Thomas McCravy

      That Chris Brown song. GEE, thanks for reminding me that I remember that song.

    • dennett316

      I really like “Everything I Do”….yeah, I said it. And it’s not just because I’m currently 34, I liked it when it was released and I was 12! I think I may have been born an old fart, but I really enjoy that song.

    • Furrama

      Hey Todd:


    • typicalgamer

      Should’ve made this into two vids… the video is way too long..

      • Furrama

        Naw, it’s fine. About as long as those old VH1 videos that listed songs for whatever reason.

    • MichaelANovelli

      I believe the guy from the Ciara video was Bone Crusher. He was a rapper.

    • Jakob

      I think you should probably give some kind of epilepsy warning, on account of the One Bad Apple video.


      That Osmond’s song almost made me feel queezy with the strobe.

      But yeah needs more rap, even with ones like the #1.. They’re usually so much worse then all the cheesy crap from the 50-80’s, and soft rock.

    • nuygima

      Wow, you mentioned Gotye’s Save Me as a good example of a love song. You are my new best friend. That song never fails to make me happy.

      Haha, Hollaback girl is baaaad, but it says a lot about Gwen Stefani’s solo career that it’s not even her most annoying song…

      Never heard of the #1 before. I guess it never did anything outside of the US?

      “Good” list though. Can’t wait for the best ones.

    • Loiathal

      I’m with you on Creed, but not all of their guitar work was unimpressive– Mark Tremonti is actually a really good guitarist, although it comes through a lot more in Alter Bridge (who’s a great band, look them up). For an example, take a look at One– It’s still classic Creed: absurd lyrics, over singing by Scott Stapp, etc. But the guitar is solid.

    • DrForrester

      Pretty great list Sage. I was worried there’d be a lot of unfamiliar songs, but lo and behold it was filled to the brim with ones I know. For the record, I graduated high school in 2005 and every… fucking… one of the songs you featured from that year were staples of the school dances and anywhere else pop music was played (I also thought for the longest time the singer of “run it!” was a woman). Was really hoping to see Fallout Boy’s “sugar we’re going down” on there too, but I don’t know if it ever reached number 1.

      Again though, great list and I’m looking forward to the 20 best, though I guarantee I’ll know less songs from that list than I did this. Go A’s!

    • Anthony Jocko

      A “Hollaback Girl” is a the kind of girl you see screaming at another person in an argument, pretending to get held back by their friends in a fight so they don’t have to back up their nonsense. She’s saying “I hear you talking crap about me, and I’m not going to stand here and play tough. I’m gonna smack you.”

    • Segan

      2005 may have sucked for the pop charts, but the indie/alt stuff that happened that year was phenomenal. Circa Survive’s premiere album Juturna single-handedly makes it one of my favorite years in music.


    • The Number A

      I love your music reviews! 😀 Can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one.

    • I dont agree with your dislike of the la-la-la-la-love song and cant understand your hate of it at all, but aside from that this was pretty entertaining to watch, so not bad man…

    • John

      Agree that 2005 is god awful but the examples was not quite the same page as me. I think “photograph” is ok and “untitled” is pretty good. On top of my head right now is Hoobastank, their songs never go through me, ever.

      • Halston Blain Wirt

        Uh, Hoobastank was 2004, not 2005. Also, I actually thought 2005 wasn’t that bad for #1s. I mean, when you have Gold Digger, Let Me Love You, We Belong Together, Don’t Forget About Us, hell, even the songs generally considered bad like Hollaback Girl, Run It, and Candy Shop are guilty pleasures of mine. Honestly, the only one I’d say I dislike at all would be Inside Your Heaven, and that’s only merely forgettable and bland (not to mention pushed out by the American Idol machine, but they’re dead now, so let’s forget about them…..except I just mentioned them……fuck).

    • Buff Bagwell

      2005 was an awesome year for music:

      Wolfmother – s/t
      Between The Buried And Me – Alaska
      The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute
      System Of A Down – Mezmerize/Hypnotize
      Coheed And Cambria – Good Apollo Im Burning Star IV Volume I: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness
      The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan

      SOAD, Mars Volta and The Stripes even had nominations at the VMA’s.

      • Jegsimmons

        Proof Rock music needs to come back to the mainstream

    • Tyler Symes

      Is your hat meant to look like nardwuar?

      • The shadow

        I highly doubt it ,I do not think bennett knows who nardwaur is.Nardwaur only known in Canada.

        • kuzronk

          Youtube fame though.

    • GingerKyle

      As I understand it, a “hollaback girl” is a secondary cheerleader in the back of the group that isn’t on the front line. Courtney Love was talking shit about Gwen Stefani and calling her a cheerleader, so Gwen made a song saying that she may be a cheerleader, but she’s front and center because she “ain’t no hollaback girl”. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here.

    • Ebonwing

      Ain’t no one for to give you no pain. That is a triple negative so it works but it is still a grammar nightmare.

    • John Haslach

      I admit…. “I got my mind set on you” is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. It’s bad, but I don’t know why I like it. And I like the original version better.

    • The shadow

      Actually bennett ,one bad apple was a song orginally written for The Jackson five but they took ABC instead.Osmond did admit this in one interview that Michel told himself they were offrened the song but did perfered ABC.So no the Osmond did not copy the Jackson five.

      P.S yes Donny Osmond and Michel Jackson were good friends,kind of funny is it not.

      Also thanks for telling me I got my mind set on you was a cover.because I love the orginal ,it good old R&B and also the my I kind of feel just like the main protagonist in the song.

    • DracoChick

      That guy second on the list looks exactly like a character from the YouTube series Marble Hornets, who’s name is also Tim. Seriously, same face, hairdoo, bushy brows, and everything! Also, that’s his real name, too.

    • DewayneLikesAnime

      There was so much crap on this list I had to keep listening to good music in between the entries to cleanse my ears.

    • sheamcc2

      And now we have to thank streaming from both youtube and spotify for some of the crap now

    • The Media Monitor

      Why does Bennett The Sage hate I Just Called To Say I Love You and Whatcha Say?

    • The Media Monitor

      I agree that Run It is awful. I’ve never liked Chris Brown. He’s always annoyed me and I’ve never cared for his music.

      • Sam Feldstone

        Agree but I think Kiss Kiss w/T-Pain is much worse in my opinion

        • The Media Monitor

          Yeah, both songs are awful.

    • hariman

      I’m watching this again (and wonder why), so I think I’ll go and listen to the soundtracks of some games, like Crypt of the Necrodancer, Undertale, Skies of Arcadia, SMT: Nocturne, and any number of other games instead of this. Oh, and Boba Fette’s ‘Vette.

      Also, the Arizona Bill was a bill that stated that Arizona would enforce the laws that the federal government was (and still is) ignoring. Calling that bill racist was a smear tactic, and denies the reality of the never fixed always a problem border.

    • Pablo Binch Calvo

      wait im confused does he hate green days american idiot?

    • kerstis

      would Bennett call you a failed abortion? Cause I would

    • The Media Monitor

      At least Minnie Riperton gave us Maya Rudolph (who can be very funny, especially on Saturday Night Live)

    • The Media Monitor

      You claim to not care what Bennett thinks, and yet, you’re giving him attention, which is an amazing amount of hypocrisy and stupidity rolled up into one.

      • Dumbbells Matt

        Thank you for giving me attention…I reply for fun to make people like you look foolish….Have a nice 4th of July and don’t light a fire cracker up your ass…I know you want to…Haha!

        • The Media Monitor

          How does it feel to be acting like a pathetic troll and wasting your time by doing that?

    • DukeF


    • coffeelover239

      “The Astros will never win the series.”
      4 Years Later when the Astros win,
      Boy this video just got dated a lot.