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    Sage vs. Robocop

     Feb 16 2014 | more 

    It’s not the worst movie in the Robocop franchise, but it is the most depressing.

    EDIT Due to our ignorance, we didn’t realize that Tehran was the capital of Iran. We apologize for our bit. That still doesn’t excuse the fact that the film doesn’t go into any detail about the situation there.

    • PLBMartel

      This is the most picturesque Detroit you’ve ever seen because pretty much the Entire movie was filmed in parts of Ontario and Toronto. If you want to see a recent movie filmed in Detroit, watch the 2012 Red Dawn. I’m hugely disappointed we didn’t get to actual hell on earth Detroit like it is right now.

    • PLBMartel

      Also the opening scene of the movie was set Tehran, the capitol of Iran, which would suggest a United States or NATO occupation of Iran, thus suggesting there was probably a war between now and the start of the movie’s timeline.

      • doc

        I stopped paying attention to the review when I got to that part. Damn that was embarrassing.

    • Given the movie really wasn’t anything too spectacular, I still say it wasn’t as bad as Robocop 3….

    • brennus

      Wow this Peter Welles sounds like a great actor but he will never be as great as Peter Weller.

    • MrSaturn

      Well at least you got an emotion out of it. I came out of it without any sort of emotion.

    • PLBMartel

      I love all the stuff you do Sage, and I didn’t want to be “that guy”, but sometimes, the hammer does fall.

    • Jegsimmons

      Robocop had a bad habit of unrealistically depicting detroit with buildings and white people.
      Well thats my asshole joke of the day.

      Anyway, this movie…was just depressing. it wasnt bad, i dont dislike any of the actors or anything….

      im depressed it exist and im pissed at corporate studio managing.

    • SindustriesLtd

      it sucks that Kinnaman didn’t do well, he’s REALLY great and charismatic in The Killing