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    Yeah, THIS is why we don’t get celebrities in anime outside Ghibli films any more.

    • jim

      do both the fma series and compare them to the manga

      • Neon

        They’re past his cut off date, are longer than Cowboy Bebop, and would take him an entire month to cover. So give your hopes up, cause he ain’t gonna do them.

        • penguintruth

          My guess is that eventually Bennett will review either Conqueror of Shamballa or, more likely (because it stands on its own), Sacred Star of Milos and talk broadly on FMA during that.

          • Neon

            That’s if he raises his cut off date.

        • jim

          oh 🙁

    • Fiery Little One

      Slightly better acting, but stupider story. Wow.

    • Neon

      I need that sleeveless shirt and shades.

    • Cameron Ward

      The animation for this film seems odd like the movements look manic especially with that creepy guy who worked on Armitage….

    • Anthony Hall

      Sad thing that is the same actor that does Jar Jar

    • InAction

      Maybe this is ’cause I’m a sad-sack, milksop that can be easily manipulated outside of the cynical, jaded facade I try to put up, but one thing bothers me still…

      Does Armitage reconcile with her daughter? =(

    • NickyT

      Great review, Sage. I just watched this after watching your review. You hit the nail on the head.

      Also, what is wrong with the Bailey to Belly?

    • Jason olin

      A face like Sagat but the voice of M. Bison!