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    Sage vs. Batman v. Superman

     Apr 3 2016 | more 

    No, this is not a triple threat… but it does reek of a botch. SPOILERS!

    • TerminalSanity

      Alright i know I’m going to get flack for this but I didn’t think this movie was a trainwreck at all. A good deal of the supposed plot holes you pointed out aren’t actually plot holes: if you recall the scene with Clark Kent/Superman before the chase with the goons to get the kryponite was the pictures of thug Batman branded being killed (Pictures sent by Lex BTW) that’s the moment Clark Kent/Superman resolved to confront Batman so when Batman started the chase Superman stepped because of course he could locate Batman given all the explosions happening in Gotham considering he can tell when Lois Lane is in trouble half a world away. Furthermore Lex had all been engineering the conflict between the 2 for two years he flat out stated as much on the top off roof with Lois. The wheelchair was just a fall guy he used and repeatedly f_cked over completely to drive Batman over the edge, Lex had been intercepting the support checks Wayne had giving to him and sending them back with messages made specifically to drive Batman to confront Superman. The point of the Senate bombing was to demoralize and isolate Superman and further galvanize Batman who was projecting all of his guilt for being unprepared for that day in Metropolis because he walked away from being Batman onto Superman all the while eliminating the one person in the government who both wasn’t in his pocket and knew enough to potentially ruin his plans.

    • grkpektis3

      I hate this fucking POS movie so much. I agree there were parts that were hilariously bad but overall it was torture to sit through.

    • hscphase

      I JUST got back from seeing the film, and it’s, ah……yeah. It’s got it’s good moments. Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman is by far the best thing about the movie. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was pretty decent for the role she played. The music is epic. The cinematography is great. And the actual Batman vs. Superman fight was badass despite it being short and ultimately pointless overall. However, many of the same problems that plagued Man of Steel are also in this film. Most of the dialogue is exposition, certain action scenes go on far too long, the religious imagery is heavy handed, and Henry Cavil (despite being a decent actor) is about as charismatic as a soggy piece of firewood. On top of all that Jesse Eisenberg just didn’t do it for me as Lex Luthor, the cameos from the other Justice League members were forced as all hell, the plot is convoluted and hard to follow at times, Doomsday should NOT have been in this, and the ending was balls. All in all, the movie isn’t as bad as the critics are making it out to be but it ain’t nothing special either. It’s a solid meh, and for the first live action movie to have Batman, Superman, AND Wonder Woman in it to be just meh I feel is more damning than had it been outright terrible. This franchise is definitely going to need some retooling after this if it wants to have any real viable future. 2/5.

    • Alonzo Tompkins

      The movie would’ve been way better if Sage was fighting Batman and Superman.

    • Atyka

      That wasn’t “Orion”, it was Flash. I know, he had freaking Ironman-esque armor on.. but yeah it was Flash.. The suggestion is they are setting up an Injustice style storyline.

      Wonder Woman’s theme was awesome. In particular the score that played when she first appeared in her armor. She’s also a demi-god so I could buy her going toe to toe with the Doomsday wannabe, Batman however really did feel out of place. I’ve seen Bats go up against such things in animated films and never had that feeling but it really felt like Batfleck would be squashed at any second, odd.

      Like Sage I will gladly take an Actor or Actress with acting ability over one who simply looks the part. Plus Wonder Woman’s strength is mystical, so there’s no reason she needs to look like a body builder. That said my dream Wonder Woman casting still would have been 90’s era Lucy Lawless.. But I’ll still commend them for not making an ancient *greek* demigod white..

      As for the rest, yeah this movie was a mess. Eisenberg was horrible as Luther, Superman has zero personality or character – just a collection of glory shots, mostly comprised of yet more christ imagery. A broken batman who’s given in to his darker whims and crossed that line could have worked, but not the way the film set it up. He just comes off as an easily manipulated moron and psychopath thanks to the script.

      There are tons of rumors flying that “The Batman” will be directed by Affleck, I hope so as I feel he will do the character justice (Affleck is a huge batman fan in real life, he built a batcave in one of his houses). I’m excited for Wonder Woman as well though I’m still on the fence about Gal Gadot (which is pronounced phonetically btw, with her Israeli accent she says it “Gadot” and it sounds like “Gadote”). She looks fine for the role, her armor was pretty awesome – even something cheesy like her lasso seemed badass – but she had very few actual lines in the film. Gadot has very few acting roles under her belt, and she hasn’t been impressive in any of them prior to BvS. That said, acting is a skill and anyone can improve at it with practice.

      The film had a lot of problems, but the biggest was the horrible editing. There were several people in the theater with me that were audibly confused a few times due to jarring scene changes as they had virtually no transitions. The “Vision of the Future” scene for instance, Bats sits down as his computer.. looks at the monitors and bam! smash cut to dream sequence, then bam! smash cut to Flash screaming about Lois. No context for any of it and several people sitting near me were completely lost. It’s especially problematic since Flash hasn’t even been set up yet, no one that wasn’t an established comic geek knows who he is, and even then no one but those with extensive comics knowledge will have a clue what that scene was trying to accomplish..

      • Morhek

        I’ve heard that part of the reason why the Batman scenes are so much better than anything Henry Cavill gets is because Affleck insisted on going over the script himself. If true, then that just makes me more excited for a solo outing, especially if he’s also directing it.

        • Atyka

          Affleck brought in his friend, a professional writer, who he has worked with many times to go over the script in general. That’s the reports I heard prior to release anyway. Affleck himself has won awards both directing and writing as well so yeah I think there’s good reason to be excited. I’m hoping he will just ignore, as best he can, the things set up in this movie and do his own thing.

    • Chris Bradshaw

      Gina Carano would have done a good job.

    • Joey Ray

      Wasnt there going to be a toolshed with Kaiser once this movie came out?