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    SAGE VS.


    While Sage was in Philadelphia, he saw the new Independence Day with The Engineer and Erin Frost. It didn’t go so well…

    • Colme

      The title card artist? She deserves a medal. Sage’s title cards are phenomenal.

    • Michael Tabbut

      Props to Marc’s Quake 4 shirt.

    • Joey Ray

      your house looks classy as fuck Marc, or at least this one set is classy as fuck.

    • Vlad

      Welp.. Smart move by Will to not be in this movie, but for me.. any movie without Will is fine. Just can’t stand his same-old expression he gives if something should be serious and now they really need to do two more Bad Boys. I got enough of him from the 2000’s.
      The room reminds me of duty time in the navy, kind of except for the furniture. Cozy.

      Thanks Erin and the Engineer for showing up 🙂