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    SAGE VS.


    A show so stupid, Sage couldnt fit it all into one episode. Gird yourselves people, this one aint gonna be easy.

    • DarkVeghetta

      So, basically, all anyone had to do was not do ANYTHING and the spirit would have handled M-Bison’s grandpa just fine by himself. So the entire plot and all characters except villain, ghost and rape victim are… pointless. Huh.

    • R. Butler

      F*(&ing Army/Navy ads… Takes almost as long to get through them with their start-stop BS as it would if I just kept Adblock on.

      Almost makes me as mad as this accursed, idiotic schlock.

    • Guest

      I love how you mentioned how the show goes from demon hunting badassery to pointless slice of life crap…much like 90% of modern anime stories.

    • Michael Sunseri

      wow… it seems the best way to sum up the show thus far is….


    • Palora

      Holy shit that guy got liquefied. I have to hand it to the dub actor, that scream was horrifying, in a good way.

    • Randy Williams

      clearly sage has not seen the hentai series In`youchuu cause that… Its NOTHING compared to the REAL FREAKED out shit you get with GENUINE hentai… trust me angel blade is like the LOWEST RUNG ON THE SICKO BAR!

    • Nate Rivers

      Sister rape is crossing the line in dark adult anime? Come on, Angel Blade gets more fucked up than that. And it’s that’s a rather tame one by comparison.

      • Gratuitous Lurking

        Angle Blade however was most obviously a HENTAI. Once you reach the murky area of adult wank material, standards tend to just kinda go out the window on icky subjects for the sake of, well, the main purpose of the material being frustration removal. Doomed Megalopolis doesn’t get that excuse cus it’s clearly trying to be an action shlock, and honestly, in the grand scheme of the plot, what’s the point of including it?

    • Michelle Fishburne


      Seems he’s the “guardian” of Tokyo the same way the Yakuza provides “protection.” As long as the people of Tokyo respect him and his shrine, he keeps other evil spirits out, but if they neglect his shrine or otherwise offend him (TV stations offer prayers before mentioning him), he can bring destruction ranging from the minor (unexplained deaths and accidents) to the catastrophic (plagues and earthquakes).

      So pay your protection and nothing bad happens.

    • CGoliday1

      Video down