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    SAGE VS.


    Oh, it’s a horror movie alright, just not in the way it was intended.

    • Landusk79

      This like scary movie: draining and emotional torment on the soul and mind it like if this movie so bad that leave you feel nothing but self hate…. yeah that I feel pity for these too, When I saw Boo! A Madea Halloween I was thinking oh that guy who made family darma? I thought watch trailer and…. my god… I felt sick watching the trailer on how much it like pulling bad scary movie, it like it try be crap as scary movie but it getting worst.

      • Raiden

        It’s a sassy black woman vs. The zombie apocalypse! That’s a concept that should be fail-proof!

    • Raiden

      The best part of Bennett’s videos about bad movies is his face in the thumbnail.