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    Anime Abandon: Garaga

     Nov 7 2017 | more 

    They can’t all be zingers. Or be watchable.

    • Neon

      Good to have you back, Sage.

      That bit of the disembodied voice reminded me of A Wind Named Amnesia (where the alien chick tells Wataru to shoot the turret on the robot at the beginning of the film). Surprised it wasn’t reference. Oh well.

      And I see you’re growing out your stache for Movember.

    • penguintruth

      Ah, so you live after all. Good to see a new Anime Abandon. I was going to review this title, too, but it just seemed so… lacking, even for good material to goof on. Apparently my instinct was correct. I must admit, though, I’ve never even heard of Madara.

    • Jesse Shearer

      I was just wondering when the show would be back, and here it is. Glad to see you’ve come through the fire alright.

      When I first saw the title for this one, I thought it was going to be based on the arcade game with a similar title.

      That’s some interesting facial hair you’ve got going on there, too.

    • Cameron Ward

      I remember seeing this in a preview on a Patlabor vhs tape. It was cool back then, but yeah…the anime is really terrible