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    Sage vs. As Above So Below

     Sep 1 2014 | more 

    So below expectations, it doesn’t even deserve a more clever subtitle than this.

    • drthmik

      a lot of caves are underwater and cave diving is a thing (and people do drown while doing it)

    • JJ

      Heh, always had a hunch Sage was a fellow soul brotha. Welcome aboard my man! JK 😛

    • Guest

      most of the good horror movies either had a great creepy atmosphere which built up suspense or were about something relevant to today i,e, dawn of the dead was a bout american consumption

    • Orzene

      It’s sad when an idea with possibilities has it’s life suck out of it.

    • Butts McGee

      Re: the femurs everywhere: With as cramped as the set was, it’s not surprising that they went for some leg room.

      . . .

      I’ll show myself out.

    • Nivmarx

      I saw the Trailer in the theatre a few weeks ago. Looke like shit. And you just confirmed it.

    • Morhek

      Well, now we know what’s up with Paris Syndrome… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_syndrome