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    Anime Abandon: I Dream Of Mimi

     Jul 21 2017 | more 

    Suave is back, and this time… dreams do come true.

    • AnthonyDaFox .

      Oh God, a Chobits Clone that goes Full Brazzers on us!

    • Real_Kurvos

      Funny how you never bring up the big elephant in the room that is the fact that male characters are never ever sexualized in this sort of fashion. Ever.

      • AnthonyDaFox .

        Anime Main Character No. 212424221-3

        • Real_Kurvos

          All of your examples are bullshit. They never ever draw them in an intentionally sexy way, nor do they show off their butts… except for comedy.

          • Radix

            I think you forgot series like Free! Dive! and dozens of other series aimed at fujoshi that totally sexualise them and show off their butts.

            • Real_Kurvos

              Not in such a fashion where they wear clothes revealing skin on their buttcheeks and have them bend over and/or arch their backs to show off their butts. I dare you to prove me wrong on that – not just for anime, but for ANY movie or show existing. Heck, even comic.

      • Spock Kirk

        *cough* dbz *cough* one piece *cough* host club*cough*

      • DarkNacht

        Tons of male character are sexualized like this in anime, just not in those targeted at straight teenage boys.

    • Spock Kirk

      Missed you suave!

    • Cameron Ward

      this is the fun of finding old anime, you don’t know what kind of schlock you are going to find. It’s always a blast to watch these types of reviews for that reason. Can’t wait to see what Dragon Ball thingy you are going to talk about.

    • Fiery Little One

      For a little bit I thought Suave had pulled a fast one on Sage since he was told whatever he picked couldn’t be a hentai. Then, because of the fact that I watch AT4W, I got a little paranoid when Suave seemed to be acting oddly.

      Yeah, the main character is something of a douche. The girl that wanted him at school wasn’t terribly bright either.

      • Cameron Ward

        why was he acting odd? because of the lead?

        • Fiery Little One

          heh. (shrug) Maybe I was just seeing something that wasn’t there.

    • Sam K

      Did we just get even a modicum of character development for Suave? I mean, beyond a comedy bit?

    • Neon

      I never thought I would see the day that Suave would say some very wise words…..

      • hariman

        Or the day that Suave would have a self aware moment and just… break.

    • hariman

      Wow… I think Suave just broke like… like… I don’t know. Some metaphor of some kind.

      Also, this anime looks… dumb. Not as horrible as some of the ecchi anime/hentai out there, but dumb. Also, I call shenanigans. Windows is the true evil of that computing era.

      Well, until you get to the iSomething days. They there’s no good option.

    • Ley Dz

      I got some anime for you speed racer, lupin the 3rd, and record of the lodoss war.

    • Chup Smith

      At 7:21 : Wow, Really?!?
      And this wasn’t a hentai? ^_^

    • Joshua Dailey

      man poor Suave was put into a rock and a hard place. I will raise a glass for his recovery. Until the next time we see the lovable goof.