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    Sage vs. Interstellar

     Nov 7 2014 | more 

    Maybe not as stellar as Sage was hoping, but a trip worth taking nonetheless. SPOILERS.

    • Jegsimmons

      “time is relative of the speed in which it travels”

      that implies time is anything other than a measurement of planetary and solar bodies rotating around each other.
      Or that your brain and body matches the speed of the ship you’re in. Which, then that means the idea of light travel is pointless because it doesnt make your trip faster.

      I wish sci-fi would drop that idea of time travel. its such bullshit.

      If you travel one year at the speed of light to a planet one light year away, you’ll reach that planet….in one year. and you’ll experience…one year.

      • TerminalSanity

        No implies that the passage of time for an object is relative to the speed at which it travels which it totally is: the faster you travel the slower time flows for relative to the way it otherwise would for. That phenomenon is part of theory of relativity and it has been 100% confirmed its called time dilation. If you traveled 1 light year (the distance light travels in one year) at 99.9E% of the speed of light, a years worth of time would have passed on earth but you would have only experienced the passage of about 16 days worth of time yourself.

    • Christian Neihart

      The movie was a little disappointing for me. However, considering the competition for original Sci-Fi, at least it wins out over Transcendence.

    • gakusangi

      I was afraid this movie was being talked up too much. Hard to live up to hype ^^;