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    So this is Christmas… and what have we done?

    • dkates

      So, is the post incorrectly titled as “Itsudatte My Santai”, or does the font you’re using just have an exclamation point that looks too much like a capital I?

    • Alex

      Merry Christmas yall hope you have a good season

    • Cameron Ward

      god this ova…so cheap looking…you can tell they wanted to cash in on the guy’s name :/

    • Pamcake

      4:35 – Doin’ the Teddy Roosevelt, eh Sage?
      Just be glad that you aren’t reviewing Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan; it will make you want to have a second opinion on Junk Boy.

    • hariman

      I’m honestly surprised that they included the original, religious meaning of Christmas in this special. That’s probably the high point, in a very meh anime.

    • Fiery Little One

      The words ‘train wreck’ come to mind for this thing.

    • militaryspartan

      Highland Park 15, good choice.

    • Swedishguy123

      About you breaking your rule, when we enter 2017 won’t it open up 2007 for you to review?

    • Liezl Bohnen

      Samba: for the same reason the west insists on spelling it “Sempai” instead of “Senpai”. Because bullshit 8D
      Also, you could actually do another panty-counter gag with this show. The amount of panty-shots is ridiculous and this is just with the review footage I’m looking at. I shudder to think what the entire show is like.

      *rubs temples* (fucking Akamatsu) You know I remember when the majority of popular anime was ALL like this. Which might not have been too bad if you could avoid it… except ALL of the Otaku themselves were into this kind of shit…. and emulated it because I was in high school at the time. Holy fucking shit. It was a dark time, children.
      Maybe now’s a good time for me to finally sit down and watch “Saint Young Men” since it’s too recent for Sage to cover.

      (I was gonna comment on youtube but after last episode I need to make a better habit of commenting here on the site instead.)

    • Spike Prime

      I’m surprised Sage didn’t bring up the complete awkwardness of the constant upskirt panty shots of the underage girl in this. Then again, I suppose there has been a lot of worse examples of pervy Japanese tropes on this show… lots of them.

      • Sol

        Plus, he reviewed “Agent Aika.” I think that once you’ve seen that, you’ve maxed out.

    • VOX3L

      Oh hey, I watched this one. I got it in CeX for £2.50, and it was supposed to be 18+ but it got rated 12 in the UK, lmao